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8 ways to read your insurance agent's mind

Last updated April 11, 2012

read your insurance agent's mind

Insurance agents can't read your mind, but they often use sales techniques to gain genuine insight into what you're thinking as they attempt to steer you toward a purchase decision.

To gain an edge, agents may interpret your body language or tone of voice, or even look for insights into your relationship with your spouse, says Morey Stettner, author of  "Buyer Beware: An Industry Insider Shows You How to Win the Insurance Game."

A former insurance sales trainer, Stettner says it's common for agents to study ways to put you at ease and befriend you. If they meet with married couples, they’re trained to identify which spouse is more open to the purchase. Gaining trust and an ally in negotiations may be as simple as remembering to nod when the receptive spouse nods. This technique is called "mirroring" and it sends a reassuring message.

"Even if one [spouse] is resistant to your method, you still have someone in your corner," Stettner says. 

Insurance agents are offered countless seminars and guides to help them close sales. Dave Dee, president and founder of the Psychic Sales Institute in Alpharetta, Ga., trains people toethically” read their prospects’ minds as well as "implant thoughts into their subconscious and close more sales."

Trying to get good insurance quotes doesn’t have to be a struggle against mind control. Stettner says you easily can turn the tables on people who try to get inside your head. Here are eight examples of how you can become the "mind reader."

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