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Annual MileagePeople who spend a lot of time on the road are more likely to make claims.
EducationCollege and advanced degrees sometimes lower your premium.
Concurrent Home PolicyYou could save money if you’re willing to buy your auto and home insurance policies from the same company, known as bundling.
Concurrent Life PolicyYou could save money if you’re willing to buy your auto and life insurance policies from the same company, known as bundling.
Advanced PaymentYou might get a discount if you pay for renewal a certain number of days before your bill is due.
Days Per Week DrivenIf your car sits at home some days, your rates might be lower.
Electronic PaymentPaying online could result in a discount.
Good StudentGood students can earn a well-deserved discount on their policy.
Marital StatusMarried customers often pay less because they are seen as less risky.
One Way CommuteThe less you’re on the road, the less the chance for accidents and claims.
Payment TypeYou could save money if you pay in full for your policy term, rather than in installments.
LoyaltyInsurance companies like long-term customers and may give them favorable pricing.
HousingThe type of home you live in could affect your premium.
Use of CarThe primary use of your car (farm, business, pleasure) often impacts your rates.
Vehicle OwnershipSome insurers offer price breaks to those who don’t have a car loan.



Prior to your submission of information using the discount tool, the discount results presented are for illustration purposes only. After the submission of your information using the discount tool, the discounts listed above are not a guarantee of such discounts and a variety of factors may influence your actual discount, including, but not limited to, your state, the applicable base rate, any caps on discounts imposed by insurers, the order of computation and eligibility rules. Other insurers not listed above may offer discounts as well. This information is not intended as a recommendation to buy coverage. Redesign Survey