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I'm going to wet my pants


She was within a mile of her Fredericksburg, Va., house when Victoria Bors felt the urgent call of nature. Preoccupied with getting home quickly, it took a minute to notice the cop's lights flashing in her rearview mirror.

"By the time the officer peered into my window, I was desperately trying to keep from squirming in my seat," she says. That's when Bors' 14-year-old daughter called out from the back, "She has to go to the bathroom!"

 "My 7-year-old echoed, 'She really has to go to the bathroom!'" When the officer asked if the story was true, a red-faced Bors answered sheepishly said, "Yes".

"I told him we were just two subdivisions away while lightly bouncing in my seat. Stepping away from the car and chuckling, he waved me on and told me to 'be careful'," she says.

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