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Ask the Life Insurance Expert

Do I have 10 days to change my mind about a life insurance purchase?

This depends where you live and the type of insurance policy you're thinking about buying. In some states you have 10 days. In other states you have 30 days or more. The amount of time is set by state "free look" laws, which let you examine an insurance policy for a certain amount of time after you've bought it and return it for a full refund if you decide you don't want the policy.

Free look periods vary by type of insurance in some states. In Michigan, for instance, the free look period for annuities and life insurance is 10 days, the free look period for individual life insurance is 15 days, and the period for variable life is 10 to 45 days. In many states, the free look period is longer for replacement life insurance--new life insurance policies purchased to replace existing policies. In Colorado, for instance, the free look period for replacement life insurance is 30 days and for all other life insurance is 15 days.

Your state also might have free look laws for health insurance and long-term care insurance. Check with your state's department of insurance to see what the law is in your area.

For more, see free look laws let you back out of insurance purchases.

Last updated: Apr. 19, 2011