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Yes, you can take out a policy on a spouse because you have insurable interest on their life. However, you’ll need to get your spouse’s permission in order to take out the policy. They’ll also have to sign the final policy documents.

If you sign the policy documents for your spouse, this is considered life insurance fraud and can have serious consequences. Life insurance fraud can be considered a criminal offense.

How to take out a life insurance policy on your spouse

To take out a policy on a spouse, you’ll go through the same steps as you would if you were taking out the policy on yourself. You’ll want to compare life insurance quotes from at least three insurers to see which insurer offers the most reasonable price based on your spouse’s unique profile.

How taking out a life insurance policy on your spouse works

You can be the policy owner — meaning you’re responsible for the payments and can make changes to the policy — and you can list yourself as the beneficiary. A life insurance agent can help walk you through the process.

Here’s more about life insurance policy roles.

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