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Hurricane season: The Saffir-Simpson scale

The Saffir-Simpson scale provides the parameters for rating the magnitude of a hurricane from one to five. Central pressure is given in inches of mercury and millibars. Winds are given in miles per hour. Surge feet indicates the height of the waves associated with the hurricane.

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Rating Central Pressure Winds MPH Surge FT Damage
1 >28.94" (>980mb) 74-95 4-5


2 28.91-28.50" (979-965mb) 96-110


3 28.47-27.91" (964-945mb) 111-130 9-12 Extensive
4 27.88-27.17" (944-920mb) 131-155 13-18 Extreme
5 <27.17" (<920mb) >155 >18 Catastrophic

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