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Who crashes the most? Car accidents by occupation

It's not clear exactly why drivers in certain professions crash more, but Quality Planning Corp., a company that validates policyholder information for car insurance companies, has collected statistics about car accidents and speeding based on profession.

"Insurance companies may look at those professions and say, 'Hmm, these are risky people,'" says Tim Cox, spokesperson for Quality Planning.

Some insurers will take your profession into account when they calculate your car insurance rate. Some professions are eligible for discounts. However, it's a very small factor in a complicated formula. Your driving record, claims and credit history, age, gender, where you live and the type of car you drive are just a few others that matter.

Students are by far the worse offenders — perhaps because of their youth and inexperience behind the wheel. Every 1,000 students average 152 accidents and 87 speeding tickets annually. But look out behind you! They are closely followed by doctors and lawyers.

Here are the top 10 crashers, along with Insure.com's own speculation on the reason for their crash rates.

The No. 1 worst car crasher:

1. Doctors

Per year, every 1,000 doctors average 109 accidents and 44 speeding tickets, landing them at the top of the list. Are these sleep-deprived residents and interns too tired to stay on the road, or do they just enjoy playing God in traffic?

2. Lawyers

Per year, every 1,000 lawyers average 106 accidents and 37 speeding tickets. No need to chase ambulances when you're already at the scene of an accident!

3. Architects

Per year, every 1,000 architects average 105 accidents and 72 speeding tickets. They may make a living at the drafting table, but on the road they can't seem to draw the line.

4. Real estate brokers

Per year, every 1,000 real estate brokers average 102 accidents and 39 speeding tickets. No big secret why — have you ever seen a realtor without a cell phone glued to his or her head?

5. Enlisted military personnel

Per year, every 1,000 enlisted military personnel average 99 accidents and 78 speeding tickets. Hey, you're not driving tanks, and cars are not targets!

6. Social workers

Per year, every 1,000 enlisted social workers average 98 accidents and 33 speeding tickets. Looks like their concern for others doesn't extend to fellow drivers.

7. Manual laborer

Per year, every 1,000 manual laborers average 96 accidents and 77 speeding tickets. For everyone's sake, these guys need a brake.

8. Analysts

Per year, every 1,000 analysts average 95 accidents and 40 speeding tickets. Perhaps if they analyzed how much they could save with a good driver discount, they'd be more careful.

9. Engineers

Per year, every 1,000 engineers average 94 accidents and 51 speeding tickets. It's probably not a good idea to use a slide rule while driving.

10. Consultants

Per year, every 1,000 consultants average 94 accidents and 50 speeding tickets. Perhaps they could give themselves advice on how to be better drivers.

Others that made the list but rank below 10 include nurses, librarians, insurance agents, dentists, accountants, politicians, firemen, law enforcement personnel and salespeople.

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