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About Physicians Mutual

In 1902, Physicians Mutual was founded to provide health insurance to medical professionals.  Since then, the company has expanded both its product line and its marketing focus to include a wide variety of health and life insurance products ranging from hospital and medical insurance policies to long-term care coverage for people throughout the United States. Physicians Mutual works alongside their policyholders with the guarantee, “We’re here when you need us.”

Physicians Mutual Health Insurance Says

Physicians Mutual health insurance policies include a variety of options to protect policyholders from financial losses due to illness. These options include basic health care, long-term care and dental insurance coverage. The basic health care insurance provided by Physicians Mutual is designed to help pay for covered services as a result of an illness or injury including doctors’ visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs and other medical expenses. Long-term care insurance is intended to help individuals plan for the future and provides benefits in the event of a long-term illness or injury. It covers care for an extended period of time at home, in an assisted living facility or at a nursing home, depending on the amount of coverage purchased. Dental insurance from Physicians Mutual is intended to meet the needs and budget of their policyholders. These policies have a $0 annual deductible and approved claims are usually paid within eight days.

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Physicians Mutual
P.O. Box 3313
Omaha, NE 68103-0313
Telephone: (800) 228-9100

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