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Americans love pickup trucks. Trucks once again dominated the list of the top-selling vehicles in 2023, including taking the top three slots, according to data and analytics firm Motor Intelligence.

While trucks are big in size, it doesn’t mean their insurance premiums have to be a budget buster. We ran the numbers and found that many trucks are cheaper to insure than sedans. The national average for truck insurance premiums in 2023 is $1,780, compared to the national average for cars at $1,867. That comes to a 5% savings for truck insurance over car insurance.

Pickup trucks are available in various choices, from the basic working farm truck to a decked-out luxury ride that is good for commuting or a night out on the town.

As expected, the big, decked-out luxury trucks cost a pretty penny to insure. The most expensive pickup truck to insure in our study — the Ford F-450 SD Platinum — is 39% more costly to insure than the national average for cars, and an astounding 71% more expensive than what it costs to insure the cheapest truck in our study, the Toyota Tacoma SR.

Here are the top five cheapest and most expensive pickup trucks to insure in 2023.

The cheapest pickup trucks to insure

The list of the most affordable trucks to insure includes the Toyota Tacoma SR, the Ford Ranger XLT and the Chevrolet Colorado WorkTruck.

Toyota Tacoma SR

A pair of Toyota models made our list, both in the category of cheapest vehicles to insure. 

Reviews laud the Tacoma for its off-road performance, noting that its gearing and traction allow it to travel over difficult terrain. It also comes loaded with standard driver-assistance features, including forward-collision warning and lane-departure warning technology. 

However, critics say the Tacoma’s suspension is stiff, and note that the steering is not especially fast when the vehicle is traveling on the pavement. In addition, the cabin and back seat are not especially roomy. 

Ford Ranger XLT

This year, nine Ford vehicles made our list, including four on the least-expensive side and another five on the most-expensive list.

The Ranger is a midsize pickup that gets high marks for its ability to quickly accelerate. Critics also have praised the vehicle for offering many features that help drivers better navigate roads, including forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. 

But this truck has been criticized for having a basic cabin that lacks storage capacity. It also comes with just a small number of standard features. 

Chevrolet Colorado WorkTruck

Chevy has three models on our list – two among the cheapest to insure, and one among the most expensive. 

The Chevy Colorado earns raves for having a roomy crew-cab cabin and a driver’s seat that makes the vehicle more comfortable to operate. Its towing capacity also helps it stand tall when matched against competitors. 

However, some reviews note that the base engine fails to impress, both in terms of power and noise level. Drivers may also find that the lack of driver-assistance features leaves something to be desired.  

GMC Canyon Elevation

Four GMC models made our list – three among the cheapest to insure and one among the most expensive. 

The GMC Canyon features gas and diesel engine options, including a V-6 engine for those who like quick acceleration. It has a large towing capacity for drivers who need to haul things.

However, the interior might not impress all drivers, and bigger drivers and passengers might find the seats small. Driver-assistance options are modest. 

Toyota Tundra SR

The Tundra’s turbo V6 engine offers power and a smooth ride and reviewers praised the vehicle’s upgraded interior, including roomy, comfortable seats. 

Despite this improved interior, the Tundra still doesn’t match what competitors have to offer in this area. The Tundra also earns lower marks for fuel efficiency, and engine options remain limited. 

The most expensive pickup trucks to insure

The list of the most expensive trucks to insure includes the Ford F-450 SD Platinum, the GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali and the Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve.   

Ford F-450 SD Platinum

This large truck has been singled out for its ability to tow large amounts of weight with ease. Reviewers also noted that the Ford F-450 Super Duty has a wide front axle that helps the vehicle make tight turns. 

However, this truck is expensive down to its 19.5-inch commercial tires, which are expensive to replace. 

GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali

The GMC Sierra 3500HD is another heavy-duty pickup with great towing power, especially the version that comes with a diesel V-8.  

However, some reviewers noted that trucks from competitors could tow more, and others mentioned that the hood is wide enough that it can impair visibility. 

Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve

Nissan landed two vehicles on this list – one in the cheapest insurance category and one on the most expensive list. 

The Nissan Titan gets high marks for giving riders a comfortable ride. Even the seats have been singled out for offering a more pleasant experience than competitors. 

However, reviewers have noted that the vehicle has a smaller fuel tank than expected. Its towing capabilities also do not match what some of its competitors have on offer. 

Dodge Ram 3500 Limited

A trio of Dodge trucks made the list – one among the cheapest to insure, and two among the most expensive. 

The Dodge Ram 3500 is known as a workhorse among heavy-duty trucks. It also earns praise for its luxurious interior and for having a large number of built-in safety features. 

However, some criticized the vehicle for being noisy, and it has a dual-rear-wheel axle that makes it challenging to get through tight spots. The diesel model also may lag compared to competitors.  

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD High Country

The Chevrolet Silverado gets high marks for cargo and payload capacities and its ability to tow. It has a camera system that features 15 different viewing angles. 

However, some reviewers described that cabin as a bit dated, and the higher-end models are expensive. 

Why is truck insurance cheaper than car insurance?

Trucks tend to be less expensive to insure than cars due to a variety of reasons:

  • Popular in the country: Trucks are always popular in rural areas and rural areas tend to have less traffic, which leads to fewer accidents and claims.
  • Cheap to repair: Pickups are often cheaper to insure than other vehicles because the bed of the truck is usually made of sheet metal or aluminum and doesn’t contain any expensive components that have to be replaced after an accident. There are also plenty of parts available due to their popularity.
  • Big in size: Many pickups are fairly large, which means they are more likely to protect the occupants and better absorb the crash impact than a car. This brings down the collision coverage costs but may also stoke the liability costs, as a bigger vehicle can do more damage to others.
  • Base models are basic: Base models don’t come with the standard bells and whistles that many base model sedans carry. These base model pickups have lower insurance premiums since there are not a lot of pricey high-tech parts and features that jack up repair costs.

Don’t forget to budget for truck insurance

Regardless of whether you are buying a bare-bones base model or a luxury pickup truck with a huge turbo diesel under the hood, you should always research the cost of insurance before buying.

Insurance can raise the monthly costs associated with your vehicle. In some cases, it might make costs unaffordable. It is never fun to find your dream truck and then realize you can’t afford it due to high insurance costs.

It’s fairly simple to check national and state-by-state average rates for most pickup trucks before you go shopping, and our lists will give you a good idea of what you can expect from numerous models.

If you decide your transportation needs are better met by another vehicle, check out our guide to insuring all types of new vehicles and see the national and state average premiums for different vehicles.

Remember, it’s best to compare truck insurance quotes from at least three different insurance companies and always make sure you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to coverage levels and deductibles. While the price you pay for coverage is always important, a bargain-basement premium is never a bargain if the insurer is difficult to deal with or delays the claims process. Check out company reviews and complaint ratios so you know that the company is dependable.

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