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About woodmen of the world

Founded in 1890, Woodmen of the World/Omaha Woodmen Insurance Society is now the largest fraternal benefit society with open membership in the United States. From its humble beginnings more than a century ago, Woodmen of the World has grown into a financial services organization large enough to offer security, but small enough to offer personalized service to their clients.

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Woodmen of the World is a fraternal organization based in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, that operates a large, privately held insurance company for its members. Its colorful history includes a number of distinctive headstones across the nation, erected in the shape of a tree stump, which was an early benefit of Woodmen of the World membership. Woodmen of the World is also one of the leading presenters of U.S. flags to schools and non-profit groups.

Today, Woodmen of the World provides financial solutions to approximately 800,000 members across the nation. These include life insurance and annuities, cancer insurance, and access to mutual funds, college savings plans and other financial services.

Woodmen of the World Health Insurance Says

Woodmen of the World has marketing relationships with several other insurance companies to expand their product offerings to their policyholders. This arrangement provides a wide variety of health insurance options available to policyholders through Woodmen of the World. These options include:

  • major medical Insurance – a medical expense insurance that provides broad coverage for most expenses associated with treating an illness or injury.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – an insurance policy that pays a lump-sum of money to policyholders when diagnosed with any life threatening illnesses listed in the policy; money is used any way the policyholder chooses such as medical bills, mortgage, loans and time off work.
  • Disability Income Insurance – coverage that provides policyholders with a substitute income when a serious illness or injury interferes with their ability to work.

Contact Woodmen of the World at:

Woodmen of the World
Woodmen Tower
1700 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Telephone: (877) 664-3332

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