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Car Insurance
Learn how to buy car insurance wisely, save money on car insurance and solve claims problems. Additional topics include the most and least expensive cars to insure, what to do when your car is totaled and what to do after a car accident.

Car Insurance Companies
Find contact information and company information for car insurance companies.

Motorcycle Insurance
Information about motorcycle and scooter insurance.

Home Insurance
Information on choosing the right home insurance coverage, including condo insurance and renters insurance. Here’s how to get home insurance discounts and save money. Helpful claims information includes earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, water damage and mold, plus home insurance tips for dog owners.

Home Insurance Companies
Find company information and contact information for most major home insurance companies.

Life Insurance
How to choose between term life insurance and whole life insurance, including universal life, variable life, and return-of-premium term life insurance policies. We explain cash value in whole life insurance and how to find “lost” life insurance policies. Also, find specific information on shopping for life insurance when you have medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or a history of smoking.

Life Insurance Companies
Find company information and contact information for most major life insurance companies.

Health Insurance
How health insurance works, including buying group and individual health insurance policies. Find guidance on solving claims problems and health insurance options for college students, early retirees and those leaving group health plans, including information on COBRA. Additional topics include catastrophic coverage, short-term health insurance, consumer-driven health plans, mental health coverage and dental insurance.

Health Insurance Companies
Find company information and contact information for most major health insurance companies.

How to choose an annuity, including variable annuities and equity-indexed annuities. Find information on how annuity subaccounts work.

Disability Insurance

Short-term disability and long-term disability explained, including ways to protect your business with proper disability insurance.

Flood Insurance
Find out who needs flood insurance and how the National Flood Insurance Program works.

Life Insurance Settlements
How to sell your unwanted life insurance policy for cash.

Long Term Care Insurance
Find detailed information on buying long term care insurance and LTC riders, with a helpful checklist to compare policies.

Medicare Supplement
Also called Medigap, Medicare supplement policies provide coverage for co-insurance, copayments and deductibles not covered by Medicare. Here’s how to distinguish among the available Medigap policy types.

Small Business Insurance
Learn ways to protect your small business with the appropriate coverage.

Financial Strength Ratings

Use’s Insurance Company Ratings Lookup Tool to find Standard & Poor’s ratings. Interactive Tools
Easy-to-use tools help you identify car crash safety ratings, state insurance laws and more.

Best Insurance Companies’s customer satisfaction ratings of the top insurance companies. Corporate Information