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Switching from liability-only to full coverage insurance is entirely possible. Let’s delve into the process and benefits of making this transition.

Steps to make a switch from liability-only to full coverage insurance

Follow the steps below for an easy transition from liability-only to full coverage insurance: 

  • Assess your needs – Consider your vehicle’s value, financial situation, and risk tolerance. If your car holds substantial value or you want added protection, switching to full coverage could be wise.
  • Contact your provider – Contact your insurance company to discuss your intention to switch. They’ll guide you through the process, review your options, and provide quotes.

Benefits of full coverage over liability-only coverage

Full coverage insurance goes beyond liability only by covering your vehicle’s repairs, regardless of fault. It also provides broader protection against theft, vandalism, and non-collision incidents.

Considerations and costs

  • Premium changes – Full coverage insurance generally comes with a higher premium due to its expanded coverage. However, it can be worthwhile considering the increased protection.
  • Deductibles – Review deductible options for full coverage. Higher deductibles might lower premiums but require more upfront payment in case of a claim.

Switching to full coverage insurance grants you more comprehensive protection. Evaluate your needs, discuss options with your provider, and choose coverage that aligns with your budget and priorities.


Transitioning from liability-only to full coverage insurance is a positive step towards broader protection. It’s about tailoring your coverage to your needs and driving confidently, knowing you’re well-covered in various scenarios. Reach out to your insurance provider, explore your options, and make the right switch for you.