Last updated Aug. 23, 2010

Continued from page 1 Health insurance companies must allow your dependents to remain on your plan until age 26.

health insurance

However, your children could still find themselves without health insurance coverage — even if they are below the cutoff age.

If you have a managed care plan, such as an HMO, it will have geographical doctor-network limits. That means the health plan might be worthless far away from home and away from the plan’s network of providers.

If the doctor is not in the HMO network, routine office visits will not be covered. When you are outside your HMO’s network, the only medical care likely covered is emergency room treatment.

Another option is student health insurance offered through your child’s college or university. See health plans for college students.

While college health plans are generally affordable, the benefits vary greatly among schools. In addition, there are plans that will not cover students who are injured while playing college sports and others require supplementary insurance specific to college athletes. Continued: Property insurance


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