Avoid Surprise Medical Bills--Insure.com Finds 23% Face Unexpected Charges of $2,000+

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Foster City, CA – December 1, 2020 –A recent Insure.com survey of 1,000 people discovers that nearly one-third (32%) report receiving a surprise medical bill this year. The most frequent reasons for unexpected medical bills include:

  • Physician services — 47%
  • Hospital — 46%
  • Lab tests — 45%
  • Imaging — 33%
  • Prescription drugs — 11%
  • Ambulance transport — 11%

The complete report is available: How to avoid surprise medical bills. Survey respondents indicate that most surprise medical bills are significant, with the following charge amounts reported:

  • Less than $500 — 31%
  • $500-$1,000 — 26%
  • $1,001-$2,000 — 21%
  • More than $2,000 — 23%

“While it’s impossible to eliminate all risk of a surprise health insurance bill, there are ways to reduce the likelihood that you’ll be charged,” explains Insure’s editorial director, Michelle Megna. “Confirming in advance that your physician and hospital are part of your network, taking the time to obtain detailed cost estimates up-front, and maintaining notes on billing discussions can help.”

Insure researchers highlight seven common scenarios that can result in surprise health care bills and provide clear instructions on steps to take to appeal or negotiate your charges, whether for routine or emergency services.

Megna is available to answer questions about how consumers can work with health care providers to avoid surprise medical bills and can discuss how to get health insurance if you’re unemployed.

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