Finds People with Employer-Based Plans Support Public Option

- Posted on PrintDownload, a one-stop destination for unbiased, expert advice on health, life and home insurance, just published results from a new survey on health insurance satisfaction. More than half of respondents (61%) report satisfaction with their existing health insurance plans. That said, most people surveyed still want major health care reforms.


Overall, finds that:

  • 28% support a public option
  • 21% back Medicare for all (only government health plan — no private health insurance)
  • 21% want Medicare for all (with private insurers offering Medicare Advantage-type plans)


How individuals currently get their insurance influences the health reform they support.

  • People with employer-based health insurance coverage are more supportive of a public option than any other group. These respondents are also more apt to support ending the Affordable Care Act than any other group. Only 16% of people with employer-based health insurance back a Medicare for all plan without private health insurers.
  • People with Medicaid are more likely to support Medicaid for all without private insurance.
  • People with Medicare support Medicare for all with private insurers involved, similar to Medicare Advantage. Medicare beneficiaries are also more apt to back no changes to health insurance.
  • People with an individual plan back a public option. Not one respondent with an individual health plan said they wanted to keep things the same.


Despite support for health reform, the survey shows that people with health insurance coverage report high satisfaction. More than half of respondents rated their plans highly. Medicare and Medicaid received higher marks than employer-sponsored and individual plans.


“People for the most part seem to like their health plan,” observes Les Masterson, editor and spokesperson for, a QuinStreet website. “At the same time, there’s real concern about the health insurance structure. Most people surveyed support some form of health reform. We didn’t find much support for either keeping things the same or for repealing the Affordable Care Act.”


The complete study is published here: /health-insurance/health-insurance-satisfaction-index


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