Yes, it’s very common for car insurance companies to ask for proof in this manner in order to remove someone from your personal auto policy, especially a teen.

Your auto insurance provider isn’t trying to be nosey and doesn’t really care who your daughter is now being insured with, it just wants to protect itself by making certain the information you gave it is accurate.

Car insurance companies have to be suspicious of fraud since it’s so rampant. Unfortunately, some parents will say a child moved out or has an individual policy on a car just to get the child off the household policy and lower the annual premium that skyrocketed with the addition of a young driver.

If you ask for the removal of a person for a certain reason you usually have to provide proof that your reason is valid. Insurers usually request a copy of the person’s new insurance policy and/or proof of child’s new permanent address. 

Also, with divorced parents, it’s not unusual for insurers to require each to parent insure the child so the child is covered to drive vehicles in both households.  However, if the child obtains a vehicle that and their own coverage, insurers will generally allow parents to drop them from the policy.  (Read “Insuring a teen driver in single-parent households” for more information).

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