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NYCM Insurance is the best insurer in New York, based on research of state rates and third-party rankings. NYCM Insurance received 3.54 out of 5 stars

Best car insurance company in New York

In New York, the average premium for car insurance is $1,870 a year or $156 a month, which is the 27th highest in the country; Louisiana was number one.

For drivers looking for cheap car insurance in New York, Progressive, NYCM Insurance, Geico, Erie Insurance and others on our list are great options, offering plenty of coverage options at affordable rates. research found NYCM Insurance offers low rates when compared to its competitors and received high marks when we look at other factors including J.D Power customer satisfaction scores, financial strength rankings and complaint data. NYCM Insurance was’s top scorer and was awarded 3.54 out of 5 stars.

Erie Insurance finished second in our rankings with a score of 3.04 stars and Progressive was third at 2.9 stars.

Company GroupNAICJ.D. PowerAM Best RatingScore (out of 5)
NYCM Insurance0.22842A3.54
Erie Insurance0.61845A3.04
State Farm0.7826A++2.75
The Hanover0.6835A2.67

How we picked the top auto insurance companies

When choosing the top car insurance companies in the state, we not only looked at the average cost of coverage but also J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores, AM Best financial strength ratings and National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint rankings. National averages were used where state/regional data was not available.

For each of the four metrics, we gave companies in each state from 1 to 5 (5 being the best) based on how they performed in each category. Those components were then given the following weights, to arrive at an overall star rating.

  • Premiums: 25%
  • JD Power: 30%
  • AM Best: 25%
  • NAIC: 20%

Auto insurance premiums vary significantly from city to city, so drivers need to be sure they’re getting the best deal. has done the research for you. Get more information on auto insurance rates by city below.

Car insurance rates in New York by city

Cheapest car insurance in New York

Progressive has the lowest average rate in New York at $1,020 a year or $85 A month.

NYCM Insurance is the next most affordable at $1,300 annually and Geico at $1,736. While these insurers had the cheapest average premiums, there are plenty of other options for coverage in the state.

Insurers consider a wide variety of factors when setting a rate and use proprietary algorithms which can result in dramatic differences in premium quotes. Where you live also affects rates.

“States that have a higher rate of severe weather that damages cars or helps cause accidents will typically have higher rates,” says Chong Gao, director of product management R&D at Mercury Insurance. “New York, for example, is prone to extreme weather like hurricanes and its car insurance costs are consequently much higher.”

The data shows how shopping around for coverage can result in savings. While Progressive had the lowest average rate at $1,020, Travelers was the most expensive at $2,677.

The table below shows the cheapest full-coverage car insurance rates in New York for a 40-year-old driver of a Honda Accord LX.

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
NYCM Insurance$1,300$108
Erie Insurance$1,814$151
State Farm$1,951$163
The Hanover$2,262$189

Full coverage car insurance in New York

As noted, the rates above are for full coverage car insurance. Full coverage car insurance adds collision and comprehensive to your liability insurance coverage, so your vehicle is repaired or replaced after an incident.

Full coverage insurance includes collision and comprehensive which will pay to repair your vehicle. Collision covers damage caused by a collision with another vehicle or object while comprehensive repairs damage done by perils such as fire, theft, flooding, vandalism, and more.

Learn more about liability, collision and comprehensive coverage here.

Shopping for car insurance in New York

Shopping around for coverage is a great way to make sure you are getting the best rates on your auto insurance. Experts often tell consumers to shop for insurance yearly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be looking to switch.

“I recommend that people stay with the same insurance company, as they tend to get a better rate when they have been with the same carrier for more than 12 months. The more tenure you have with a carrier, the more potential there is to earn benefits,” says Tim Bottini, a Country Financial insurance agent based in St. Louis. “The carrier can also review your claims history and provide information about applicable discounts.”

But make sure you are comparing like coverage levels and deductibles.

“It is extremely important to make sure you start off with an apples-to-apples comparison,” Bottini says. “However, if a person has low limits, say 25/50/25 – limit per person/per occurrence/limit for property damage – I am going to recommend and quote at least 50/100/100. Depending on their age/income and profession, I would quote higher limits to protect their net worth and earnings potential.”

Bottini also says people can save money on their car insurance by keeping their credit score up, following the speed limit and placing both home and auto insurance with the same carrier.

Cheapest car insurance in New York by age

Statistics show that young drivers, because they are inexperienced and tend to take more risks, have more accidents and claims, all of which lead to higher premiums for younger drivers.

“Data indicates that teenagers and seniors are riskier drivers, so they often pay more for auto insurance than other policyholders in different age groups,” says Chong Gao, director of product management R&D at Mercury Insurance. “For teenagers, the lack of driving experience is a significant factor that impacts their rates; younger drivers with little experience behind the wheel tend to pay higher insurance premiums.”

Progressive is the cheapest insurer in New York for teens.

Age factors into a premium as the data clearly shows. Teens pay the highest rates by far with the lowest premium coming in at $3,173 which is 202% more expensive than the most affordable coverage for seniors at $1,049 and 101% more than young drivers’ best rate of $1,579.

Rates start to drop, assuming their driving record stays clean as teens move into their young adult years and tend to stay stable until a driver gets into their 70s when rates will go up a bit.

Cheapest car insurance for senior drivers in New York

Seniors pay more for car insurance than other drivers, excluding teens. Progressive is the best choice for seniors in New York, according to our data, with an average premium of $1,049 annually, which translates to $87 a month.

NYCM Insurance was the second most affordable at $1,367 and Erie Insurance was next with a premium of $1,838.

“Seniors tend to have slower reaction times and may suffer from vision or hearing impairments, which can impair their driving ability. This makes them more prone to accidents and thus considered high-risk by insurance companies,” says Tariro Goronga, CEO of DriveSafe driving schools in Colorado.

The table below shows the average premium for senior drivers.

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
NYCM Insurance$1,367$114
Erie Insurance$1,838$153
State Farm$1,874$156
The Hanover$2,278$190

Car insurance for young drivers in New York

Young drivers (21-25) have seen their premiums drop from their teen years, but they still pay more than more experienced drivers. In New York, Progressive is the cheapest option for young adults with a yearly premium of $1,579 or $132 a month.

NYCM Insurance is the next most affordable with an average rate of $2,152 followed by Geico at $2,404.

Young drivers, if they keep their driving record clean will see their rates drop even further as they move into their late 20s.

The table below shows the best insurers for young drivers in New York:

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
NYCM Insurance$2,152$179
Erie Insurance$2,912$243
State Farm$3,172$264
The Hanover$3,197$266

Car insurance for teen drivers in New York

Although teen drivers always pay much higher premiums than other driver groups, Progressive offers teens the cheapest rate at $3,173. Teen drivers are inexperienced and are big risk takers which results in more accidents and claims, pushing up the cost of coverage.

“Teenagers are more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers because of their lack of experience. This increased risk results in higher insurance rates because insurance companies regard them as high-risk drivers,” says Goronga. “Teenagers are also more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors, such as distracted driving or speeding, increasing their chances of being involved in an accident.”

NYCM Insurance has the second most affordable premium at $3,236 a year followed by Geico at $4,705 annually.

Our data clearly shows how dramatic premium differences can be for teens and how important shopping your coverage is when trying to find the best rate for your specific risk factors. While Progressive was the most affordable at $3,173, Travelers was the most expensive with an annual premium of $6,843.

There are a few ways to save some money when insuring a teen. Ask your insurer for a good student discount if they are carrying a B average or better. Putting your teen in an older vehicle that you wouldn’t repair after an accident can help save some money by dropping collision and comprehensive.

The chart below shows average premiums for teens in New York:

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
NYCM Insurance$3,236$270
The Hanover$4,822$402
Erie Insurance$4,914$410
State Farm$5,790$483

Average cost of car insurance in New York

New York is the 27th most expensive state (Louisiana is number one) when it comes to car insurance with an average premium of $1,870.

The table below shows the average rate in each state for a 40-year-old driver of a 2023 Honda Accord LX.

Average annual premiumAverage monthly premium
$1,870 $156

Which New York ZIP codes are most expensive for car insurance?

Insurers consider the ZIP code where your car is parked when setting a premium. High crime rates or frequent severe weather will result in a higher premium.

According to our analysis, the following ZIP codes are the most expensive in New York for car insurance. Woodhaven tops the charts at $3,030 a year.

Here are the most expensive ZIP codes in New York for car insurance:

CityAverage annual Premium
East Elmhurst$2,993
Queens Village$2,988
Springfield Gardens$2,984
Cambria Heights$2,984
College Point$2,972
Ozone Park$2,970

Which New York ZIP codes are the cheapest for car insurance?

Rural areas are almost always cheaper than urban areas when it comes to car insurance. Fewer people and cars on the road mean fewer accidents and claims. The cheapest zip code for car insurance in New York is in Big Flats with an annual premium of $1,449.

CityAverage annual Premium
Big Flats$1,449
Pine City$1,457
Schuyler Falls$1,472
Clifton Springs$1,485
Gang Mills$1,491

Cheapest car insurance for high-risk drivers in New York

Drivers with a speeding ticket, DUI or at-fault accident on their record are often considered high-risk drivers and end up paying more for coverage. The increase can range from reasonable for a speeding ticket to a big leap in costs for a DUI.

The data showed that a speeding ticket will result in a 24% increase, pushing the average rate to $2,321. Speeding tickets will typically impact your premium for at least three years.

An at-fault accident will raise your rates by 40% to an average of $2,622. A DUI will result in the biggest increase, sending your premium up 76% to an average of $3,294.

The table below shows the average increase for drivers with an incident on their record:

Profile GroupsAverage annual premiumRates after IncidentRates increase after incident ($)Rates increase after incident (%)
At-Fault Accident$1,867$2,622$75540%
Bad Credit$1,867$4,753$2,886155%

Minimum car insurance requirements in New York

New York law requires drivers to carry $30,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and a minimum of $10k in property damage liability (PDL), which helps pay for damage you do with your car to other people’s property.

Cheap auto insurance in New York: The bottom line

Progressive offers the lowest rates on average, with annual premiums of around $825. Costs can vary widely based on factors such as your age, driving history, and the area where you live.  

Shopping around and comparing quotes from at least three different insurers is recommended to find the best deal. Additionally, maintaining a good driving record and taking advantage of any available discounts can help lower your premiums.

Frequently asked questions

Is New York a no-fault state?

Yes, New York is a no-fault state, meaning that after a car accident, each party’s own insurance covers their losses regardless of who caused the accident.

Why is car insurance expensive in New York?

Car insurance in New York is expensive due to several factors. The state’s high population density leads to more traffic and accidents, which increases the risk insurers must cover. 

Additionally, as a no-fault state, New York mandates Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, which increases the cost of minimum insurance coverage requirements and contributes to higher overall costs.


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Q: Does location affect car insurance rates?

Chong GaoDirector of product management R&D at Mercury Insurance.
“States that have a higher rate of severe weather that damages cars or helps cause accidents will typically have higher rates. New York, for example, is prone to extreme weather like hurricanes and its car insurance costs are consequently much higher.”
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Mark Vallet
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