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Yes, added drivers typically have the same coverage as the primary policyholder. When you add someone as a driver to your policy, they are usually granted the same level of coverage as you. This means that if you have comprehensive collision, liability, or any other type of coverage, it will also extend to the added driver. 

Adding a driver to your policy is an easy process, and you can usually do it by contacting your insurance provider and sharing the details of the occasional driver. 

How does adding a driver to your policy work?

When you add drivers to your policy, they typically share the same coverage as the primary policyholder. This means they are protected by the same insurance benefits in case of accidents or incidents.

However, the secondary driver can’t change the coverage, file claims, cancel the policy, or pay the premium.

The specifics can vary depending on your insurer and your policy details. Review your policy documents or contact your insurance agent to know the coverage details that will apply to any added drivers. 

Always inform your insurance company about all drivers who might use your vehicle to ensure everyone is adequately covered.