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Insurance on a license is renewable, allowing you to extend your coverage as needed. This flexibility benefits those who drive occasionally or experience changes in their driving habits.

The renewal frequency for insurance on a license can vary. Some policies require renewal every six months, while others are annual. 

It depends on the insurance provider and the terms of your policy. When your insurance on a license is up for renewal, it’s a good opportunity to review your coverage needs. If your driving habits have changed or you anticipate using the coverage more or less frequently, you can adjust your policy accordingly.

How to renew your insurance on a license? 

To renew, contact your insurance provider before your coverage expires. They’ll guide you through the renewal process, which might involve updating your information and confirming your desired coverage level.

Benefits of renewal

Renewing insurance on a license ensures continuous liability protection while driving rented vehicles. It helps maintain your responsible driver status and shields you from potential financial burdens in case of accidents.


Insurance on a license is renewable, with renewal periods varying from one provider to another. Regularly reviewing and renewing your coverage allows you to adapt it to your changing needs and ensures you’re consistently protected while driving. Always communicate with your insurance provider about renewal requirements and options.