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No, you don’t need to own a car to qualify for insurance on a license. This type of insurance is designed specifically for drivers who don’t have their vehicles but still drive occasionally. It offers liability coverage to protect you from financial responsibility if you cause injuries or damages while driving these vehicles.

Benefits of insurance on a license 

  • Cost-effective option If you’re a non-car owner, traditional car insurance might not be necessary. Insurance on a license provides a cost-effective way to maintain liability coverage without the added expense of insuring a vehicle you don’t possess.
  • Flexibility for borrowers – Whether borrowing a friend’s car for a road trip or using a car-sharing service for a weekend adventure, insurance on a license ensures you’re covered in unexpected mishaps.
  • Suitable for various scenarios – Whether you’re between cars, exploring alternatives to car ownership, or simply driving sporadically, insurance on a license offers a tailored solution that prioritizes liability protection over vehicle ownership.


Owning a car isn’t a requirement for insurance on a license. This type of coverage is designed to cover non-car owners who still need liability protection while driving rented vehicles. It’s a convenient and cost-effective option to ensure you’re covered without the burden of full car insurance.