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As we consider Valentine’s Day, our thoughts naturally turn to love.  

There are many different types of love: romantic, platonic, and familial love. Love defies a simple definition. It encompasses a broad spectrum of feelings, actions, and connections that shape the human experience.  

While love is often expressed through words and gestures, one of the most enduring ways to demonstrate love is through the thoughtful consideration of life insurance.  

How does life insurance demonstrate love? Let me count the ways: 

Offers financial protection for loved ones: Love often inspires a desire to protect those we care about from life’s uncertainties. Life insurance serves as a powerful tool in achieving this goal. By purchasing a life insurance policy, individuals can ensure that their loved ones are financially protected in the event of their untimely passing. The death benefit from a life insurance policy can cover living expenses, mortgage payments, education costs, and more, offering a valuable safety net during a challenging time. 

Provides a sense of security: Love can also involve a commitment to building a life together. This includes planning for the future, both in terms of shared experiences and financial stability. Life insurance is a proactive step in this journey, providing a tangible means to secure a stable future for loved ones. It enables couples and families to navigate life’s uncertainties with greater confidence, knowing that financial support is in place. 

Shows you care: Love is not only about emotions but also about responsible and caring actions. Purchasing life insurance is an act of responsibility, reflecting a commitment to the well-being of those closest to us. It demonstrates a foresight that acknowledges the potential challenges life may bring and takes concrete steps to mitigate their impact. 

Demonstrates a commitment to shared decision-making: Love thrives on open communication and shared decision-making. Discussing and obtaining life insurance incorporates these elements, as couples work together to assess their financial needs, determine the appropriate coverage, and make choices that align with their shared goals and values. In essence, while love itself is intangible, the actions and decisions made in the context of a loving relationship can extend into the realm of financial planning. 

Ensures your legacy: Love can also involve a desire to leave a legacy for future generations. Life insurance contributes to this legacy planning by providing a means to pass on financial benefits to heirs. It ensures that the love and support one provides during their lifetime extend beyond it, fostering a sense of continuity and security for the ones left behind. 

Show your love this Valentine’s Day  

Research by LIMRA and Life Happens, two industry trade associations, finds that more than 100 million people in the U.S. have a life insurance needs gap. Moreover, 38% of Americans say their household would face financial hardship within six months should a wage earner die unexpectedly — 30% would struggle financially within a month. The top reason people give for not purchasing coverage is that it is too expensive. Yet more than half of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance three-fold. 

Getting life insurance isn’t difficult. Here’s how to start: 

Work with a financial professional to help you get the coverage you need. Start by determining the coverage amount and type of life insurance that meets your goals and needs.  

Obtaining quotes is the next step. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers helps identify the most appropriate coverage options and premiums. Online comparison tools can simplify this process.  

The next step is to select a reputable life insurance provider with strong financials.  

Then comes the application and any necessary exams. At this point, it is important to carefully review the policy terms, conditions, and exclusions.  

Once the policy is issued, keep copies of the policy, contact information, and related documents in a secure location for easy access. 

At its core, love is a force that binds individuals together in meaningful and reciprocal relationships. It involves deep affection, connection, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Love extends beyond the boundaries of emotion; it is an active force that prompts individuals to prioritize the happiness and security of their loved ones.  

This commitment to the welfare of others is how love can be expressed through life insurance. 

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Alison Salka


Alison Salka, Ph.D., is senior vice president, member benefits, at LIMRA, a leading life insurance industry research group.


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