In general, requirements for motorcycle insurance mirror requirements for car insurance. But that’s not the case in every state.

How to read the liability limits below: The first number is the bodily injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident. The second number is the bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident. And the third number is the property-damage liability maximum for one accident. So, in Alabama, the minimum liability limits are $50,000 for bodily injury liability for one person in an accident, $100,000 for property damage, and $25,000 for personal injury protection in an accident.


Minimum liability limits

Motorcycle insurance required?

Alaska 20/50/25 Yes
Alabama 50/100/25 Yes
Arkansas 25/50/25 Yes
Arizona 15/30/10 Yes
California 15/30/5 Yes
Colorado 25/50/15 Yes
Connecticut 20/40/10 Yes
District of Columbia 25/50/10 Yes
Delaware 15/30/10 Yes
Florida 10/20/10 No
Georgia 25/50/25 Yes
Hawaii 20/40/10 Yes
Idaho 25/50/15 Yes
Illinois 20/40/15 Yes
Indiana 25/50/10 Yes
Iowa 20/40/15 Yes
Kansas 25/50/10 Yes

25/50/10 or $60,000 single limit

Louisiana 10/20/10 Yes

50/100/25 & $1,000/person

for medical payments

Maryland 20/40/15 Yes
Massachusetts 20/40/05 Yes
Michigan 20/40/10 Yes
Minnesota 30/60/10 Yes
Mississippi 20/50/25 Yes
Missouri 25/50/10 Yes
Montana 25/50/10 No
Nebraska 25/50/25 Yes
New Hampshire 25/50/25 Yes
New Jersey 15/30/5 Yes
New Mexico 25/50/10 Yes
New York 25/50/10 Yes
Nevada 15/30/10 Yes
North Carolina 30/60/25 Yes
North Dakota 25/50/25 Yes
Ohio 12.5/25/7.5 Yes
Oklahoma 25/50/25 Yes
Oregon 25/50/10 Yes
Pennsylvania 15/30/5 Yes
Rhode Island


South Carolina 25/50/25 Yes
South Dakota 25/50/25 Yes


Texas 25/50/25 Yes

25/65/15 or $65,000 single


Vermont 20/50/10 Yes
Virginia 25/50/20 Yes
Washington 25/50/10 No
West Virginia 20/40/10 Yes
Wisconsin 25/50/10 Yes
Wyoming 25/50/20 Yes


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