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You can often add your spouse or family members as additional drivers to your insurance on a license policy. This can be beneficial when you share driving responsibilities or frequently use the same vehicles.

Factors to consider before adding family members to your insurance on a license policy

Insurance providers may have varying policies regarding adding additional drivers. Some may allow it, while others might have restrictions or specific criteria.

  • Driving history and impact – When adding family members, insurers will consider their driving history. If they have a poor driving record, it could impact your policy’s premium.
  • Coverage and liabilities – Adding family members means extending coverage to them. They would be protected under the liability portion of the policy while driving borrowed or rented vehicles, similar to the main policyholder.
  • Policy adjustments – Depending on their driving records, adding additional drivers might affect your premium. It’s better to inquire about potential changes to your policy’s cost before making the decision.


Adding family members as additional drivers to your insurance on a license policy is possible. However, provider policies and potential premium adjustments can vary. Make sure you understand the outcomes and communicate openly with your insurance provider to make informed decisions about extending coverage to your family.