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Most states allow insuring and registering a car under different names. But insurance companies in those states still might require the car’s registered owner to be the policyholder or primary driver.

However, it’s important to note that using separate names for vehicle insurance and registration may lead to complications, such as confusion for the insurer and potential issues with filing a claim. 

Does it matter whose name is on a car title for insurance? 

Yes, the name on a car title can impact insurance coverage. Insurance companies usually require the policyholder to have an insurable interest in the vehicle, meaning they either own the car or have a significant financial interest in it.

In many states, there isn’t a legal requirement for the names on a vehicle’s registration and insurance to match. However, an insurance company can choose not to insure an individual if their name isn’t on the vehicle’s registration.

Can a car be registered in one name and insured in another? 

Yes, a vehicle can be registered in one name and insured in another. While it’s common for the registered owner of a vehicle to be the same as the insured party, it is possible to have them under different names. For example, a parent might register a car in their name, but the primary driver and insurance policyholder could be their child. 

In most states, there aren’t laws that require a car’s registration and insurance to have the same name. However, some insurance companies may not cover a vehicle that’s not registered to the same driver as the insurance policy. 

Can someone else insure my car if the title is under my name? 

No, it is not possible for someone else to insure your vehicle if the title is under your name unless they can show the insurance company that they have an insurable interest in the vehicle. 

Final thoughts

Generally, it’s advisable for the car insurance and registration to be under the same name. Most insurance companies require the policyholder to have an insurable interest in the vehicle. However, rules and regulations may vary by location and insurance company.