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Here’s the list of steps to follow in the process of filing a claim with insurance on a license: 

  • Contact your provider – Start by contacting your insurance provider immediately after the accident or incident.
  • Provide details – Be prepared to share important information about the incident, such as the date, time, location, and details of what happened. Your insurance provider will guide you through the specific information they need.
  • Cooperate with the investigation – Your insurance provider will investigate the extent of liability and damages. Cooperate fully with this process, providing any necessary documentation or statements.
  • Assessment and resolution – Based on the investigation, your insurance provider will assess the situation and work towards a resolution. If you’re found at fault, your liability coverage will help cover injuries or damages you’ve caused to others.
  • Coverage limit consideration – Keep in mind that insurance on a license typically has coverage limits. You might be personally responsible for the remaining costs if the damages exceed the coverage limit.
  • Communication and updates – Maintaining open contact with your insurance provider. They will keep you informed about the progress of your claim, any decisions made, and the resolution of the situation.
  • Claim settlement – Once the investigation is complete and the details are assessed, your insurance provider will work to settle the claim. This could involve compensating the affected party for injuries, medical expenses, or property damage up to your policy’s coverage limits.


Filing a claim with insurance on a license involves contacting your insurance provider, providing essential details, and cooperating throughout the investigation. By adhering to these steps and maintaining communication, you can navigate the claims process smoothly and ensure you’re fulfilling your financial responsibility while on the road.