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If you’ve added custom upgrades or modifications to your vehicle, it’s essential to know how your full coverage insurance plays into the equation. Let’s explore whether these enhancements are covered and what you need to consider.

Coverage for aftermarket upgrades

  • Standard coverage – Generally, full coverage insurance focuses on your vehicle’s original state. It primarily covers damages to your car due to accidents, theft, and other covered incidents as defined in your policy.
  • Custom parts and equipment coverage – Some insurers offer optional custom parts and equipment coverage. This can extend protection to aftermarket upgrades, like special rims, audio systems, or custom paint jobs. However, this coverage might have limits and require you to specify each modification.

Key considerations

  • Disclosure – It’s crucial to inform your insurance provider about any modifications you’ve made. Failure to do so could lead to claim denials or reduced compensation.
  • Documentation – Keep records of your modifications, including receipts and photographs. This documentation can help establish the value of your upgrades in case of a claim.

Coverage options and recommendations

  • Custom parts coverage – If your insurer offers custom parts and equipment coverage, consider adding it if you’ve made significant upgrades. This can help protect your investments.
  • Specialized policies – For extensive modifications, you might explore specialized policies tailored to modified vehicles. These policies better account for the increased value of your customized car.


While full coverage insurance primarily addresses damages to your vehicle as it was initially manufactured, custom upgrades and modifications might require additional consideration. Optional custom parts and equipment coverage can be a valuable add-on to protect your aftermarket enhancements. Remember to communicate with your insurance provider and explore coverage options that align with your modifications, ensuring your vehicle is adequately covered.