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Non-owner auto insurance in Connecticut is $509 per year, according to’s 2023 rate analysis, which is $129 more than the rest of the country on average. 

In Connecticut, these policies are available from companies such as USAA, Geico and Nationwide, in addition to many others. 

Non-owner car insurance is a policy for people who don’t own a car but often borrow or rent a vehicle. It provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage in case you get in an accident while driving a car owned by someone else. 

“Non-owner policies provide the minimum coverage required by the state, as well as some optional add-ons, but there are specific requirements by the insurance carriers to provide this coverage in lieu of a traditional auto insurance policy,” says Patti Clement, senior vice president of private client services at HUB International, a leading personal insurance brokerage. 

In addition to understanding the various requirements, it’s important to learn what non-owner insurance is, which companies offer it and how much it costs in Connecticut. 

How much does non-owner auto insurance cost in Connecticut? 

Insurance companies regard non-owner policyholders as less of a risk due to their limited access to a car. Therefore, it’s usually less expensive to buy a non-owner insurance policy than typical auto insurance.

On average in the United States, it costs $1,682 a year for a 100/300/100 full coverage insurance policy. This includes $100,000 for injuries you might cause in an accident, up to $300,000 per accident, and an additional $100,000 for property damage. This applies to drivers with a good credit score and a clean driving record. In Connecticut, it’s $1,741.

Non-owner car insurance is $509 a year in Connecticut and $380 on average in the U.S. by comparison. 

But insurance companies consider several factors when setting rates, such as your age and driving history and also where in Connecticut you live. 

Which insurer offers the cheapest non-owner insurance rates in Connecticut? 

In Connecticut, Kemper Insurance’s non-owner insurance policy is the cheapest at $134 on average. 

At $1,033, Farmers Insurance charges the highest rate for non-owner insurance in the state. 

A good rule of thumb is to compare quotes from many different insurance companies to find the best price. Below you’ll find a list of the cheapest non-owner policies offered in Connecticut.

Cheapest non-owner insurance rates in Connecticut 

CompanyAverage annual premium
Kemper Insurance$134
State Farm$278 

Note that USAA only offers coverage to military members, veterans and their families.

How much is non-owner car insurance in Connecticut by age? 

Age plays an important role in pricing because young people who haven’t been driving for a long time are riskier; they are more likely to cause an accident. Therefore, older and more experienced drivers usually enjoy lower rates. On average, non-owner insurance costs $2,142 a year for a 16-year-old and $507 for a 45-year-old in Connecticut. 

Average non-owner auto insurance rates in Connecticut by age and gender

19 $1,008 $951 
20 $963$910
21 $782 $731
22$688 $654 
23 $663$625 
35 $509$515 
40 $509$512 
45 $506 $508 
50 $498$495 
55 $490 $484 
60 $489$484
65$493 $501 
75 $549 $563 

Which Connecticut cities have the cheapest non-owner car insurance? 

There’s a great deal of variation from city to city when it comes to rates. When insurance companies set rates, they consider the frequency of thefts, collisions and vandalism within an area.

Below are tables displaying the cities in Connecticut that have the least and most expensive non-owner auto insurance rates. 

The 20 Connecticut cities with the lowest non-owner car insurance rates

Cities in ConnecticutLowest non-owner car insurance rates
Central Village$362
Moosup $362 
Plainfield $362 
Old Mystic$369
Deep River$370 
East Haddam$370 
Moodus $370 
Old Saybrook$370
Dayville $371 
Centerbrook $372 
Essex Village $372 
North Grosvenor Dale$372

The 20 Connecticut cities with the highest non-owner car insurance rates

Cities in ConnecticutHighest non-owner car insurance rates
New Haven$570
Hartford $560 
West Haven $545
East Haven$537
Waterbury $530 
North Haven$489
East Hartford $476 
Stratford $474 
Bloomfield $470 
New Britain$464 
Bethany $463 
Milford $463 
Naugatuck $462
North Branford $461 
Northford $461 

How much is non-owner auto insurance in Connecticut’s 10 biggest cities? 

The largest cities in Connecticut sometimes have rates that are significantly different. The non-owner insurance price in New Haven is the most expensive at $570, while Danbury has the least expensive rates among the largest cities in the state at $427. 

Non-owner auto rates in Connecticut’s 10 largest cities 

10 largest cites in ConnecticutNon-owner car rates
New Haven$570
Bridgeport $553 
Waterbury $530
New Britain$464 
West Hartford$446
Danbury $427

How non-owner insurance rates in Connecticut compare to rates in other states

From state to state, the rates for non-owner car insurance can also vary. Connecticut’s average non-owner insurance rate is $509 a year; more than the $380 average nationally. At $170 per year, South Dakota is the cheapest, followed by Idaho at an average of $190 per year. Next up it’s Iowa at $193 annually. 

Non-owner car insurance rates in the 10 most populous states 

StateAverage annual premium
North Carolina$926
Florida $759
New York$578 
National Average $380 
Georgia $373
Pennsylvania $337

How to get non-owner auto insurance in Connecticut 

Your driver’s license number and a credit or debit card are all you need to get a non-owner insurance policy. 

To purchase a policy, follow these steps: 

  1. Contact an auto insurance agent about the coverage 
  1. Supply your basic driving history 
  1. Review the information you receive on the insurers and rates 
  1. Choose the policy that best meets your needs 
  1. Put down a payment to begin coverage 

 In many cases, you’ll get proof of insurance almost immediately. 

For a non-owner car insurance policy quote, you must call your insurer instead of visiting their website. 

“You must pick up the phone to request a non-owner insurance quote. Although the majority of the major auto insurance providers provide non-owner policies, none of them provide online non-owner insurance estimates,” says Bruce Mohr, senior investment advisor and credit consultant at Fair Credit, a consumer-credit service and consulting company. 

Here are a few insurance companies with contact numbers to call for a non-owner insurance quote. 

  • State Farm: 800-782-8332 
  • Geico: 800-207-7847 
  • Progressive: 888-671-4405 
  • Allstate: 800-726-6033. 
  • USAA: 800-531-8722 

Methodology commissioned Quadrant Information Services in 2023 to compile non-owner car insurance rates for a 40-year-old male with a good driving record looking for a state minimum, liability-only policy.