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In general, you can’t be forced to take your employer’s health insurance plan; however, there are exceptions to this rule.

If you signed an employment agreement stating you must be a part of the company’s group health plan, then you must abide by the terms of that contract.  Or, if you’re part of a union agreement that mandates you take part in your group health insurance, then you can’t opt out.

With a union agreement or employment contract that requires you to participate in your employer’s group health insurance plan, you may also be required to pay part of the premium. 

The last exception is different.  If an employer pays 100 percent of your health insurance premiums, it can make you take part in its group health insurance plan.  This isn’t the case in your situation since your employer is making you pay for the coverage. 

If none of these circumstances are true for your situation, but your employer still forces you to be part of its group health insurance, contact your state’s department of insurance to discuss your rights and how to proceed.

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