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How do I get off my husband’s job-based group health insurance plan?


Unless you have a qualifying event, you’re stuck on your husband’s workplace group health insurance plan until the next open enrollment period at his workplace.  At that time, he can drop you from the next plan year.

Your husband can ask his company’s health insurance administrator for a list of qualifying events that would allow him to make changes outside of the annual open enrollment period.  Generally, the following events will allow employees to make changes outside of open enrollment:

·       Marriage.

·       Gain a child due to birth or adoption.

·       Divorce or legal separation.

·       Death of spouse or dependent.

·       Dependent has change in eligibility status (e.g. child ages off policy).

·       Change in employment status for you, spouse or dependent.

·       You experience an increase or reduction to hours affecting your eligibility for the health plan.

·       Change in residence.

·       Loss of other coverage.

·       Becoming entitled to (or lost entitlement to) Medicare or Medicaid.

If any of the above situations apply, your husband may be able to remove you from his policy (if the removal is consistent with the event). Your husband would need to notify his company and request your removal within 30 days of the event.  If he failed to do so, then you must wait until his next open enrollment period to make the change.

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Last updated: Sep. 24, 2014
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