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Yes, your daughter can stay on your health insurance plan until age 26, even if she is eligible to enroll in her own employer’s health plan, according to the Affordable Care Act.

The only exception is if your plan is “grandfathered,” which means it existed before the federal health care reform law was enacted on March 23, 2010, and the plan has not undergone significant changes since then. Until 2014, grandfathered plans do not have to extend coverage to young adult children who have access to other group health insurance coverage. Check with your employer’s health benefits administrator to learn whether your health plan is grandfathered.

The provision extending health insurance coverage to young adults is comprehensive. Children can remain on their parents’ plans even if they are married, financially independent and living away from home. More details about young adult coverage are available on, the federal government’s health care reform site.

The provision for young adults was among a variety of measures that went into effect in September 2010.