While most people cannot be forced to take their employer’s health insurance plan, there are exceptions. One such exception is if your union contract locks you into the health plan.

If your union agreement mandates you participate in the company’s group health insurance, you’re stuck with it and can’t opt out to join your wife’s health plan.

You can contact your benefits administrator at work to see if your union contract allows you to opt ouHealth insurance paperworkt of the group health insurance plan or not.  If you can decline the health insurance coverage, you will need to find out when you can drop it and when your wife can add you to her health insurance plan. 

Typically, one only can change health insurance plans (drop or add coverage) during the annual open enrollment period or due to special life events — like marriage.  So, even if you can opt out, you may need to wait until the next open enrollment period for you and your wife to make the changes.

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