77% Say Health Care is an Important Influence on Presidential Vote— Insure.com Survey

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Foster City, CA – October 21, 2020 – Insure.com announces survey results from 1,000 people who answered questions about politics and health care. More than three-quarters of respondents view health care as an important election year issue. Reducing health insurance costs is the top issue, according to survey participants.

Here’s the break down by political party:


  • Reduce health insurance costs—26%
  • Strengthen/protect the Affordable Care Act—22%
  • Medicare for all—21%


  • Reduce health insurance costs—42%
  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act — 20%
  • Improve health care quality—18%


  • Reduce health insurance costs—40%
  • Medicare for all—16%
  • Access to health insurance—13%

More than half of respondents reported dissatisfaction with the American health care system, including slightly more than half of Democrats and Independents and 43% of Republicans.

What improvements would people like to see in the health care system? Those surveyed indicate the following reform preferences:

  • A public option for people who want it, while preserving employer-sponsored health insurance—25%
  • Medicare for all—19%
  • Eliminate surprise medical bills—13%
  • Government subsidies to help lower health insurance costs—12%
  • Fewer regulations on health insurers—9%
  • Expand Medicaid eligibility, so more people have access to a Medicaid plan—7%
  • Lower the Medicare age so more people can sign up for that coverage—5%
  • Raise Medicare and Medicaid payments to doctors—2%

A public option was the top health care reform backed by Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the survey. Participants identified as:

  • Democrats—37%
  • Republicans—36%
  • Independents—25%

Find the complete survey results here: /health-insurance/2020-health-insurance-election-survey

“We saw slight changes in consumer responses compared to our 2019 survey,” notes Les Masterson, Insure’s managing editor. “But two things we continue to see are the important role that health care will play in the upcoming election and high dissatisfaction with the American health care system.”

Les Masterson, Insure’s managing editor, is available to discuss this and other recent surveys on health reform preferences, open enrollment and more.


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