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If you are looking for auto insurance in New York, knowing how much it will cost is a promising idea. The average premium for car insurance in New York is $2,020 per year or $168 per month. While the national average is $1,682. There is a difference of $338 more between the national average and the state average.

If you live here, you know that already. But do you know why? There are a range of factors that affect car insurance rates. A few of them are –age group, gender, driving history, credit score, and location where you live.

Apart from the factors which affect auto insurance rates, this guide also talks about the average rate of full coverage in state, companies offering cheap monthly premiums for car insurance, average car insurance rates by cities in New York, and car insurance rates by age group.

Shop around and compare quotes to save money on your auto insurance. Keep reading the guide to make sure the insurance policy does not cost you more than your requirements.

Summary of average car insurance cost in New York
Average annual cost
Average per month cost
Average cost for state minimum coverage
$875 / Year
Cheapest car insurance company
($825/ Year)
Average cost for young drivers
$3,084 / Year
Average cost for Senior drivers
$2,081 / Year

Key Takeaways

  • The average car insurance cost in New York is $2,020 per year, based on’s analysis.
  • In New York, the average premium for car insurance is $168 per month.
  • Progressive has the cheapest car insurance rates in New York, at an average annual rate of $825 a year.

Average car insurance cost in New York per month

In New York, the average premium for car insurance is $168 per month.

The price for the same coverage may differ between companies, which is true of every auto insurance company. When looking for car insurance rates in New York, it is a promising idea to get quotes from many firms.

As per the rate analysis conducted by, the company which offers cheapest car insurance premiums in New York is Progressive. The average annual cost is $825 while the average cost per month is $69. The second-best option available is, American Family, which offers insurance at an average per month cost of $93.

The table below lists the other available car insurance companies which offer car insurance in New York, along with their average cost per month and average annual cost.

Company nameAverage per month costAverage annual cost
American Family$93$1,112
Erie Insurance$133$1,600
State Farm$161$1,937
Kemper Insurance$243$2,917
Mercury Insurance$379$4,551

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Average cost of car insurance by coverage levels in New York

The amount of coverage you purchase has an impact on how much car insurance costs in New York. Your premium is determined by your liability limits, as well as whether you want comprehensive and collision coverage.

Liability only insurance protects a third party’s property damage and personal injuries in the event of an accident. In the case of a collision, having only liability coverage on your auto insurance would not cover your injuries or personal property damage since you are the driver responsible for the accident. If your coverage limit is 50/100/50 Liability only, the average cost per year in New York is $960.

When you add more coverage to your policy, your insurance premium increases. As the insurance provider will have to compensate you if you are in an accident or suffer damage in any other manner. Hence, the average cost of full coverage car insurance in New York is $2,020 per year.

Non-owner state minimum liability coverage is best suited for someone who does not own the car, but frequently rents a car, It is like liability-only coverage and covers for property damage and bodily injury caused to another driver. In New York, the average annual cost for non-owner state minimum liability only is $578.

And for those who wish to save money on car insurance premiums can opt to have only the state minimum liability coverage, to be able to legally drive in the state. The state minimum liability-only coverage costs $875 per year in New York.

Coverage limitsAverage annual cost
50/100/50 Liability Only$960
100/300/100 Liability with $500 Comp/Coll Deductible$2,020
Non-Owner State Minimum Liability Only$578
State Minimum Liability Only$875

Average car insurance cost in New York by City

Your car insurance premium is determined by a variety of factors, including your state, city, and even ZIP code. The incidence of accidents and the likeliness of vehicle theft or vandalism can influence the overall cost of a city or ZIP code.

The table below depicts the top popular cities in New York:

CityAverage annual cost
New York$3,924
New Rochelle$2,374
Mount Vernon$3,017

Auto insurance premiums vary significantly from city to city, so drivers need to be sure they’re getting the best deal. has done the research for you. Get more information on auto insurance rates by city below.

Car insurance rates in New York by city

Average car insurance cost in New York by age of the driver

Age is also a consideration when it comes to auto insurance rates. Teens are more likely to be in automobile accidents than any other generation. For example, the average annual rate for young drivers in New York is $3,084 while for seniors is $2,081. Here, the rate for young drivers is $1,003 more than the rate for senior drivers.

According to statistics, young drivers are more likely to be in a vehicle accident than more experienced drivers. As a result, they are deemed high-risk and costly to insure. They are considered a high-risk driver because of over-speeding and less driving experience on road. However, premiums start to rise again about age 70 when some aspects of aging start affecting driving abilities.

Average car insurance cost in New York for young drivers

The average car insurance cost for female young drivers in New York is $2,836 per year or $236 per month and the rate for a male young driver is $3,331 per year or $278 per month.

The average annual rates for young male and female drivers are listed in the table below:

Age of driverAverage annual cost for Male driversAverage annual cost for Female drivers

Average car insurance cost in New York for senior drivers

In New York, the cost of car insurance for senior female driver is $2,057 per year or $171 per month and the cost of car insurance for male senior driver is $2,104 per year or $175 per month.

Age of driverAverage annual cost for Male driversAverage annual cost for Female drivers

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Minimum car insurance requirements in New York

Each state sets its own regulations regarding the minimum amount of car insurance coverage drivers must carry to operate a vehicle legally on the roads. According to information provided by the New York Department of Insurance, the following are the required coverages and minimum coverage limits in New York:

  • Bodily injury per person: $25,000
  • Bodily injury per accident: $50,000
  • Personal property coverage per person: $10,000

Cheapest cars to insure in New York

The Subaru Crosstrek 2.0I has the lowest average annual insurance premium at $960, followed closely by the Subaru Forester 2.5I at $961. The difference in the cost of insuring these two models is $1 annually.

Make Model Average annual premium
Subaru Crosstrek 2.0I $960
Subaru Forester 2.5I $961
Chrysler Voyager LX $1,011
Hyundai Venue SE $1,015
Subaru Crosstrek 2.5I Limited $1,038
Mazda CX-30 S $1,038
Chevrolet Spark 1LT $1,042
Mazda CX-5 S $1,057
Volkswagen Tiguan S $1,058
Subaru Outback 2.5I $1,060

Most expensive cars to insure in New York

The most expensive car to insure on the list is the Acura NSX Type S, which has an average annual premium of $5,610. However, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive cars to insure is $4,650 annually.

Make Model Average annual premium
Acura NSX Type S $5,610
Porsche Taycan Turbo S $5,283
Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo $5,169
Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo $5,169
Porsche Taycan Turbo $5,133
Porsche Taycan 4S $5,133
Porsche Taycan $5,133
Audi R8 5.2L V10 Quattro Performance $4,446
Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder $4,110
Maserati Quattroporte $4,041

Note: For coverage limit: 100/300/50 liability with a $500 comprehensive and collision deductible.


Final thoughts on average car insurance cost in New York

Car insurance costs in New York vary significantly based on location, age, gender, and your insurance provider. On average, New Yorkers pay about $2,020 annually for car insurance, though this goes up to $3,924 annually in New York City, notably higher than the national average due to factors like high population density and associated risks such as theft and accidents​.

For those looking for cost-effective options, shopping around is the key. Progressive often offers the cheapest rates, with average annual costs as low as $825. However, rates can vary widely, so it’s beneficial to compare quotes from multiple insurers. 

Frequently asked questions

How much is car insurance in NY for a 20-year-old?

Car insurance costs an average of $4,240 a year for male drivers and $3,431 for female drivers in New York, according to a detailed data study by 

How much does insurance cost for a new driver?

For new drivers in New York, the cost of car insurance tends to be significantly higher due to their lack of driving experience and higher risk of accidents. Based on a recent data study, the car insurance rate for new or young drivers in New York is $3,084 a year. This rate decreases as drivers age and gain more experience.

Which insurance company offers the most affordable car insurance rates to NY drivers?

Progressive offers the most affordable car insurance to NY drivers at an average cost of $69 per month, followed by American Family and Geico.

Methodology team worked with Quadrant Information Service to get car insurance data. To determine the average premiums, our team of data analysts and expert editors have analyzed 56,838,240 insurance quotes from 136 insurance companies across 34,523 ZIP codes.

The insurance rates are based on a sample profile of a 40-year-old male driver with a clean driving record and a good insurance score. Quotes premiums are for a full coverage policy with limits:

The quoted insurance rates are for comparison purposes, and your individual rates may vary.

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