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The average car insurance cost in Savannah, Georgia is $1,775 per year, according to data. This is $128 more than the average auto insurance cost in Georgia and $93 more than the national average, as analyzed by

Average cost in SavannahAverage cost in GeorgiaNational average cost

The rates can vary wildly depending on where they are filed. City demographics, including population density and average resident age, will affect how much money you spend on premiums which could make it cheaper or more expensive than other areas with different factors like accident rates, theft and vandalism rates, etc.

The article covers information on – the cheapest car insurance providers in Savannah, the average car insurance rates by age, gender and how much is car insurance in Savannah based on coverage limits. Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, this article can help you find the best deal on cheap car insurance in Savannah. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • The average car insurance cost in Savannah, Georgia is $1,775 per year.
  • USAA offers the cheapest car insurance in Savannah, at an average of $1,109 per year.
  • Young adults pay $3,360 per year for car insurance in Savannah.

Cheap car insurance companies in Savannah

USAA offers the cheapest car insurance in Savannah, at an average of $1,109 per year with full coverage limits of 100/300/100. USAA offers car insurance only to members of the military, veterans and their immediate families.

The second cheapest company in Savannah is Auto-Owners, offering car insurance rates at $1,290 per year.

As mentioned earlier, car insurance rates vary from one company to another because the factors used to calculate rates vary by insurer. Therefore, comparing quotes from multiple insurers is recommended to find cheap car insurance rates in Savannah before deciding on the policy that matches your requirements.

The table below lists the average annual and monthly costs for the various car insurance companies providing coverage in Savannah, Georgia:

Company NameAverage annual costAverage monthly cost
State Farm$1,747$146
Country Financial$1,905$159
Mercury Insurance$2,248$187
Farmers Insurance$2,983$249

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Average car insurance cost in Savannah by coverage limits

In Savannah, the average car insurance rates based on coverage types are as follows:

  • State minimum coverage: $663 per year (limits are 25/50/25)
  • Liability only coverage: $858 per year (limits are 50/100/50)
  • Full coverage: $1,775 per year (limits are 100/300/100)
  • Non-owners coverage: $435 per year

In most states, drivers must have the state minimum coverage to drive legally, but these vary by state. However, state minimum coverage does not cover any vehicles listed on your policy in an at-fault accident.

To avoid compromising on the coverage and pay out-of-pocket expenses, it is better to have full coverage or non-owner coverage if you don’t own a car but borrow or rent one frequently.

Average car insurance rates by gender in Savannah

The average car insurance rate for a female driver in Savannah, Georgia, is $1,808 per year.

While the rate for a male driver is $1,775 per year, which is $33 less than what female drivers pay, according to a rate analysis by

Women are considered to be safer drivers than men, and statistics have proved this, according to the Insurance Information Institute. They often pay less for auto insurance because of their lower rate of severe accidents than men.

Read more on how gender affects car insurance rates.

Average car insurance rates by age in Savannah

In Savannah, car insurance rates are the highest for teens, at $7,214 per year or $601 per month. The rates are higher for teenagers (16- to 19-year-olds) as they are more prone to road accidents due to their lack of experience on the road, according to the Insurance Information Institute. There are driving laws for teens to help them drive better. Also, teen insurance rates can be lowered by adding teens to a parent’s auto insurance policy.

Car insurance rates are bound to decrease as teens grow older and earn a good driving record. Young adults pay $3,360 per year for their car insurance which is $3854 less than what the teens pay for their insurance policy.

The car insurance rates in Savannah for adult and senior drivers are $1,825 and $1,788 per year respectively.

The car insurance rates for adults and seniors are lower than those for teens and young adults. “This is because they are more likely to obey the speed limits and follow the rules of the road,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Read more on auto insurance for seniors.

The table below depicts the average annual rates for drivers of different age groups:

Age groupAverage annual rates
Teens (16- to 19-year-olds)$7,214
Young adults (20- to 24-year-olds)$3,360
Adults (25- to 55-year-olds)$1,825
Seniors (60- to 75-year-olds)$1,788

If we look at the car insurance rates trends in Savannah, Georgia, it was on an upward swing from 2016 to 2019. From 2019 to 2022, the rates decreased overall by 13%, or $267.

The table below shows the trend for three years:

2016 rates2019 rates2022 rates


In conclusion, the insurance rates in Savannah, are higher than the average insurance cost in Georgia. Shopping around and taking advantage of available discounts, drivers in Savannah can find affordable car insurance options. Additionally, many car insurance companies offer discounts for customers who purchase multiple policies through the same company.


Methodology team worked with Quadrant Information Service to get car insurance data. To determine the average premiums, our team of data analysts and expert editors have analyzed 56,838,240 insurance quotes from 136 insurance companies across 34,523 ZIP codes.

The insurance rates are based on a sample profile of a 40-year-old male driver with a clean driving record and a good insurance score. Quotes premiums are for a full coverage policy with limits:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $100,000 property damage liability
  • $500 collision/comprehensive deductible

The quoted insurance rates are for comparison purposes, and your individual rates may vary.

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