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Although we try to be great drivers, we can all make mistakes from time to time. However, there’s a difference between a small moving violation and a major one. One instance of turning a corner when there’s a “no turn on red” sign likely won’t wreak havoc on your driving record. But more serious offenses can lead to you needing an SR-22.

What’s an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certificate of responsibility (CFR) that shows you’ve purchased the required minimum liability auto coverage required by your state. If you’re categorized as a higher-risk driver due to traffic violations, a DWI/DUI conviction, or other reasons, your state or a court order may require you to get an SR-22.

You might hear about “SR-22 insurance,” but an SR-22 is not a separate insurance policy – it’s just a term sometimes used to refer to any insurance policy bought by someone who’s required to have an SR-22.

The cheapest SR-22 insurance policies in Maine are offered by Auto-Owners, at $647 a year, and Geico, at $734 a year.

But if your driving record is pristine, there’s no need to worry about an SR-22.

Key Takeaways

  • An SR-22 isn’t a separate insurance policy but a form your insurer files with the state to show you have the minimum coverage.
  • You might need an SR-22 in Maine due to DUI, reckless driving, or license suspension/revocation.
  • Filing an SR-22 isn’t expensive, but those with an SR-22 often pay higher premiums.

What is SR-22 insurance in Maine?

As previously mentioned, SR-22 is not an insurance policy but a form your insurance company files with your state’s DMV. This form lets the state know that even though you have certain driving offenses on your record, you have at least the minimum required insurance for your situation. The typical filing cost isn’t much — usually around $25.

Examples of offenses that might require an SR-22:

  • DUI, DWI, or other serious moving violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents resulting in suspension or revocation
  • Accumulation of too many driving violation points
  • Driving without insurance

If you have any of these on your record, you may need an SR-22. After purchasing an insurance plan that meets your state’s requirements, ask your insurer to file the SR-22 form with the DMV.

You typically must maintain an SR-22 for at least three years. If you don’t, you could risk license suspension.

Average SR-22 car insurance cost in Maine

The average SR-22 car insurance cost in Maine is $1,141.

Maine’s rate is $126 more expensive than SR-22 insurance in the New Hampshire, the cheapest state. However, it’s also $2,900 less than in Michigan, the most expensive state for SR-22 insurance.

However, there are a lot of factors that might affect the cost of SR-22 insurance, such as the reason for the SR-22, your driving history, and the city in which you live.

Auto insurance premiums vary significantly from city to city, so drivers need to be sure they’re getting the best deal. has done the research for you. Get more information on auto insurance rates by city below.

Car insurance rates in Maine by city

Top 10 cheapest SR-22 insurance companies in Maine

Insurance rates usually increase if you have an SR-22. But not all insurance companies have the same rates for people with an SR-22. The companies listed below have some of the lowest rates available in Maine.

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
Auto-Owners$647 $54
Geico$734 $61
Travelers$776 $65
State Farm$1,036 $86
Progressive$1,180 $98
Allstate$1,612 $134
Farmers$2,363 $197
USAA*$778 $65

Note: USAA is only available to military community members and their families.

Cheap SR-22 insurance in Maine by city

As mentioned earlier, where you live can also make a big difference in the cost of SR-22 insurance. Below, you’ll find the cheapest rates for SR-22 insurance in 10 Maine cities.

CityAverage annual premium
Cliff Island$683

SR-22 insurance requirements in Maine

The Maine DMV requires all drivers to meet the following minimum requirements for car insurance coverage:

  • $50,000 for injury/death per person
  • $100,000 for injury/death per accident
  • $25,000 for damage to property per accident

These are just the minimum requirements. Experts advise drivers to get more than the minimum insurance. It may lead to a higher premium, but the extra coverage could be well worth it.

How much does SR22 in Maine cost with a DUI?

Some insurance companies are much more forgiving than others if you have a DUI. Some charge a few hundred dollars more, while others charge thousands more per year.

Note: In the table below, “filing only” represents the cost of a policy including the fee to file the SR-22 – without considering the reason why someone needed an SR-22.

CompanySR-22 with 1 DUISR-22 Filing only
Auto-Owners$1,079 $647
State Farm$1,136 $1,036
Travelers$1,245 $776
Progressive$1,409 $1,180
Geico$1,854 $734
Allstate$2,083 $1,612
Farmers$2,828 $2,363
USAA*$1,585 $778

Note: USAA is only available to military community members and their families.

How to get the cheapest SR-22 insurance in Maine

If you have an SR-22 in Maine, you might think you are doomed to pay inflated insurance rates. But just because you need an SR-22 doesn’t mean you’ll end up paying the highest rates.

First, shopping around is always a good idea. There can be an enormous difference in the rates you will get from different insurance companies. Some companies might even specialize in high-risk drivers and be able to offer you better SR-22 rates.

Another way to get the cheapest insurance with an SR-22 is to improve your driving record. Sure, that might be easier said than done, but it can be worth putting in the time if you want a better rate. You can get a quick win by taking a defensive driving course. Ask your insurer if they offer any of these courses and if they can help you qualify for a discount.

You can also ask about safe driving programs. These usage-based programs track your driving habits and may reward you with lower premiums for safe driving.

There are a few ways someone required to get SR-22 insurance can find the most affordable policy while still meeting all the legal requirements. Sebastian Hov, CEO of 18 Insurance, an insurance agency based in Sacramento, Maine, recommends the following:

  • Shopping around: Different insurance companies offer varying rates for SR-22 insurance. It’s crucial to compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best option.
  • Pay upfront: If possible, paying your premium in full rather than in monthly installments can sometimes result in lower overall costs.
  • Opt for non-owner insurance: If you don’t own a vehicle but want to maintain SR-22 coverage, non-owner car insurance can be a cost-effective option as it is typically 5% to 15% cheaper than a standard policy. Keep reading for more information on non-owner insurance options.

Non-owner SR-22 insurance in Maine

Another term that’s sometimes used when talking about SR-22 is “non-owner SR-22 insurance.” This usually refers to liability insurance for people who don’t own a car but need to reinstate their license after it is suspended or revoked. This is often a requirement after a DUI, DWI, or several moving violations.

Non-owner insurance provides secondary coverage when driving cars you don’t own, such as a vehicle you borrow or rent.

If you find yourself regularly driving a borrowed or rented vehicle, you should probably apply for a non-owner insurance policy. These policies have certain benefits, like costing less than traditional insurance.

Who needs SR22 insurance?

Remember that an SR-22 is not a separate insurance policy. Instead, it’s a certificate that shows your state’s DMV that you have at least the minimum insurance coverage required.

For instance, if you have a DUI on your record, the state will require you to prove that you have enough insurance to be financially responsible.

Keep in mind that not all driving offenses require an SR-22. You will be notified if you require an SR-22. If you aren’t sure if you need one, ask your local DMV or an attorney who has experience with traffic laws.

How long do you need SR-22 insurance in Maine?

You typically need to maintain an SR-22 for three years.

In some cases, the time you need to maintain an SR-22 could be longer or shorter. The length of the SR-22 period will depend on your driving history and how serious the offense is.

SR-22 alternatives in Maine

If you’re required to have an SR-22, but can’t afford even minimum insurance, you don’t have many driving alternatives.

To get around, you could walk, bike, take the bus, or rideshare.

The bottom line on SR-22 in Maine

Maine’s average SR-22 insurance rate is $1,141, compared to the overall average car insurance cost in Maine, which is $1,049. That means Maine’s SR-22 rate is $91 more per year.

But remember that there are a lot of factors that can affect insurance premiums.


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Q: How can you save on SR-22 insurance?

Sebastian HovCEO, 18 Insurance
Shop around: Different insurance companies offer varying rates for SR-22 insurance. It's crucial to compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best option.

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Methodology gathered rates from Quadrant Information Services for all states, including Washington, D.C. The rates are based on a sample driving profile of a 40-year-old male and female who drives a Honda Accord LX and opts for a full-coverage policy with coverage limits of 100/300/100 and a $500 comprehensive and collision deductible across most ZIP codes. We analyzed 5,000,736 insurance quotes from 27 companies.

Compare SR-22 insurance rates with other states

New Hampshire$1,015/Year
New Jersey$2,370/Year
New Mexico$1,792/Year
New York$1,892/Year
North Carolina$1,445/Year
North Dakota$1,315/Year
Rhode Island$1,887/Year
South Carolina$1,998/Year
South Dakota$1,681/Year
Washington, D.C.$2,065/Year
West Virginia$1,520/Year
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