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Have a question about car insurance? Get an answer here.

Car insurance FAQ

Question: Which type of coverage pays for damages to my vehicle?

Question: May I demand original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for the repair of my vehicle?

Question: Must I use my insurer's body shop for repairs?

Question: I've just been involved in a car accident. How will the insurance company pay for my car repairs?

Question: What steps do I follow after being involved in a car accident?

Question: Do I need car insurance?

Question: Do I need to purchase insurance before I buy a new car?

Question: If my rental car is damaged, will my personal auto policy or my rental car insurance policy pay out first? If one policy doesn't cover all the damage, does the other supplement it?

Question: My car accident has caused me great stress. Is my psychological treatment covered by my auto policy?

Question: Two weeks after my auto policy was cancelled, I reported a claim. Would this be covered under my auto policy?

Question: Would our auto policy provide liability and physical-damage coverage for our son who's at college?

Question: I rear-ended someone who was pulling a trailer and he hurt his back while trying to extricate my bumper from his trailer. Does my policy pay for his injuries?

Question: I had to break my car window to get my keys out of my car. Why is my claim not covered?

Question: How can I protect myself from uninsured drivers?

Question: Do red cars cost more to insure than other color vehicles?

Question: Where can I find results for car crash tests?

Question: Does car insurance pay for damage to the glass, paint and chrome of a car due to acid rain?

Question: My wife hit my company car. Who pays for this?

Question: My keys were stolen and I want to change my car locks to prevent against future possible theft. Is this covered?

Question: What is an SR-22?

Question: How can I lower my car insurance costs?

Question: How can I lower my car insurance costs for my teen driver?

Question: Should I expect my premium to increase if I reported an accident to my insurance company in which I was not at fault?

Question: I recently moved to the United States from a foreign country, where I had an excellent driving record. Why are my auto insurance rates so high?

Question: I received a speeding ticket. How much will it affect my auto insurance premium?

Question: How do you reduce the cost of collision coverage?

Question: Which states require drivers to buy liability insurance?

Question: I'm moving to another state temporarily. Do I need to purchase coverage in that state?

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