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My insurance company wants to do interior and exterior inspection on my home. Called inspector who is an employee for the company and he said it was to identify any problems or hazards, etc. Never filed a claim or had inspection ever by insurance company. What generates inspection – I feel like it’s not so much to help me as is to insurance company's benefit.


It’s definitely not to help you, that we can agree on. Inspections by home insurance companies are generally done when you have a claim or when you’re a new customer. This is an odd time for a random inspection. Would there be any reason your insurer would be concerned that the condition of your house has changed?

 We addressed inspections previously in this reader question. If you don’t agree to the inspection, the insurer could drop you at renewal time. Then you’d be where you are now – a new insurer might request an inspection.

Last updated: Apr. 11, 2013