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When you shop for home and auto insurance, some companies will have a better deal on bundled coverage than others. We compared multi-policy discounts from insurance companies in Rhode Island to determine which will give you the biggest price break when you purchase multiple types of coverage.

State Farm offers the biggest percentage break on your home and auto premiums in Rhode Island when you bundle. Bundle your policies with this insurance company, and it will cut your costs by an average of 23%.

State Farm also offers the cheapest overall rate when you bundle with the company in Rhode Island. On average, you will pay $1,739 when you bundle.

Key Takeaways

  • In Rhode Island, State Farm is the best home and auto bundle insurance provider, offering an average discount of 23%.
  • Some companies offer bigger savings for bundling than others, so it pays to shop around.
  • Where you live within the state will help determine how much you can save by bundling.
  • Bundling usually makes sense, but there are situations where this might not be the case.

How we picked the best companies for home and auto bundling analyzed home and auto insurance rates from Quadrant Data Services in 2024 for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Home and auto bundling discount percentages, based on the average discount from each company were also analyzed. Before and after bundling rates were calculated using the average discount percentage. We included 48 companies and 4,686 ZIP codes in our analysis.’s choice: Best companies for home and auto bundles in Rhode Island’s analysis ranked companies based on the average bundle discount they offer both in terms of dollar amount and percentage. Based on those criteria, these are the best companies for home and auto bundles in Rhode Island.

State Farm

The average bundle discount at State Farm is $507, or 23%. Before adding the discount, the average rate is $2,246. After adding the bundle discount, the average cost is $1,739. State Farm ranked at No. 6 in our Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking and at No. 4 in the Best Home Insurance Companies ranking.


The average bundle discount at Allstate is $1,116, or 22%. Without the discount, the average cost of insurance is $5,076, a rate that decreases to $3,960 with the discount. Allstate ranked at No. 11 in our Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking and at No. 5 in the Best Home Insurance Companies ranking.


The average bundle discount at Nationwide is $603, or 15%. Before the discount is applied, the average cost of home and auto insurance is $4,079. The average drops to $3,476 with the discount. Nationwide ranked at No. 4 in our Best Auto Insurance Companies ranking and at No. 7 in the Best Home Insurance Companies ranking.

Home and auto insurance bundle comparison in Rhode Island

The amount you can save on home and auto insurance with a bundle in Rhode Island varies by company. Here is a breakdown of the rates and savings with top companies.

CompanyPremium after BundleAuto and home bundling (Survey)Home surveyA.M. Best Score% DifferenceOverall Rating
State Farm$1,739 4787.4A++23%82.03
Allstate$3,960 3985A+22%68.29
Nationwide$3,476 4286.6A15%54.38

What company provides the cheapest home and auto bundles in Rhode Island?

State Farm offers the biggest percentage discount if you bundle. State Farm offers the cheapest rate overall if you bundle.

CompanyHome insurance premiumAuto insurance premiumPremium before BundlePremium after Bundle
State Farm$931$1,315$2,246$1,739
Amica Mutual$2,268$3,059$5,327$4,445

Home insurance rates vary from one city to another. But with, finding the right home insurance policy is easy. Learn more about homeowners insurance costs for different cities below.

Home insurance rates in Rhode Island by city

Most and least expensive ZIP codes for home and auto insurance bundles in Rhode Island

Where you live can help to determine how big of a discount you will get for bundling coverage, and also the base rates from which that discount is taken. Here are the most and least expensive ZIP codes in Rhode Island for policyholders who bundle their coverage:

Most expensive ZIP codes

The most expensive ZIP code in Rhode Island for home and auto insurance bundling is 2909 at an average rate of $4,727. See the 10 most expensive ZIP codes below.

ZIP codeAverage auto and home after discountAverage difference

Least expensive ZIP codes

The least expensive ZIP code in Rhode Island for home and auto insurance bundling is 2875 at an average rate of $3,073. See the 10 least expensive ZIP codes below.

ZIP codeAverage auto and home after discountAverage difference

Frequently asked questions about home and auto bundle insurance

Is bundling home and auto insurance right for everyone in Rhode Island?

Bundling your coverage can be one of the best ways to save on insurance. It also can be convenient to have all of your coverage with the same insurer. By bundling, you have one insurance company and can check all your coverages on a single website.

However, bundling might not always be the wisest option. For example, an insurer that offers a great deal on auto insurance might charge higher rates on homeowners insurance. In such a circumstance, you might be better off purchasing your auto insurance from one insurer and your homeowners coverage from another.

In addition, it is possible that an insurer might offer the coverage options you need for one type of insurance but not for the other.

Rather than simply assuming that a bundle is your best deal, it always pays to shop around.

“Remember when buying insurance that you’re doing so to protect your most valuable assets,” says Christine O’Brien, president of the Insurance Council of New Jersey. “Take the time to learn about policy limits and coverages and get several quotes.”

How can you switch to a home and auto bundle in Rhode Island?

Switching to a bundle is easy. Many people make this change when one of their policies is up for renewal. For example, if your auto insurance is with one company and your homeowners insurance is with another, you can decide to bundle your coverage with a single insurer the next time the coverage term for one of the two policies ends.

However, you do not have to wait until renewal to bundle your policies. If you decide to cancel one of your policies prior to the end of its coverage term, you should receive a refund for the months you will no longer be insured with the company.

If you decide to end coverage on one of your policies, be careful not to do so until you are sure your new coverage is in place and has been activated.

Methodology analyzed rates and discount averages provided by Quadrant Data Services in 2024 fielded from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Rates were compared based on average home and auto premiums before bundling and after bundling based on the average multi-policy discount offered by each insurance company. The average total rate after the discount was calculated by subtracting a dollar amount equal to the average discount percentage from the pre-discount total rate.

How much is home and auto bundle insurance in other states

New Hampshire$1,615/Year
New York$3,450/Year
North Carolina$1,823/Year
North Dakota$3,244/Year
South Carolina$2,766/Year
South Dakota$3,482/Year
Washington, D.C.$2,506/Year
West Virginia$2,361/Year
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