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American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC) is a property and casualty insurance company headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, and is a subsidiary of the American National Insurance Company (ANICO) of Galveston, Texas. ANICO is a life and health insurance company that has been in business since 1905.

ANPAC was incorporated in 1973. It began operations with eight employees in Springfield and wrote its first policy in February 1974. ANPAC offers a variety of property and casualty coverage needs, including automobile, homeowners, umbrella, boat, recreational vehicles, motorcycle, other personal lines insurance and agri-business insurance.

ANPAC Car Insurance Says

An AUTOSURE policy from ANPAC offers a full line of coverages:

  • Liability – pays for bodily injury damages and/or property damage from a covered loss for which an insured is legally liable. This coverage includes cost of defense in a lawsuit, bail bond expense, attorney fees and medical first aid at the accident scene.
  • Medical payments – pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses arising out of an accident up to the limit purchased per person.
  • Personal injury protection – pays for reasonable and necessary medical and lost wages arising out of a covered accident up to the limit purchased per person.
  • Comprehensive – pays for loss or damage to the insured’s car by a covered loss other than a collision. This includes but is not limited to: theft, fire, missiles, falling objects, larceny, explosion, windstorm, hail, water, vandalism or malicious mischief, riot, impact with animals and glass breakage.
  • Collision – pays for damage to the insured’s car resulting from a collision or upset.
  • Towing and labor – pays towing and labor costs incurred each time the insured’s car is disabled. Labor costs at the place of disablement are covered.
  • Rental reimbursement – pays up to $25 per day rental expense while the insured’s car is being repaired due to a covered loss for up to 30 days. Higher limits are available.
  • Uninsured motorist – pays for bodily injury damages caused by a motor vehicle driven by a legally liable, but uninsured or unknown (hit and run) driver.
  • Underinsured motor vehicle – applies when bodily injury is caused by an underinsured motor vehicle, as defined in the policy.
  • Accidental death, dismemberment, disability – pays up to a specified amount for death, loss of limbs, loss of sight and certain other injuries to designated person(s) resulting from a car accident.
  • Work loss coverage – pays designated person(s) up to 85% of earnings lost because of auto accident injuries subject to certain maximum limits shown in the policy.
  • ACE, added coverage endorsement – pays for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, when replacement parts are required, after an accident. For insured vehicles less than 1 year old and with less than 15,000 miles, the vehicle will be declared a total loss at only 25% damage. The policy pays the lesser of either the original purchase price or the replacement cost of a comparable vehicle.
  • GAP, guaranteed asset protection endorsement- pays the difference between the loan balance (excluding incidental amounts rolled into the loan, which are not directly related to the base purchase price of the vehicle, such as additional warranties) and the actual cash value of the car, when the vehicle is declared a total loss as the result of a covered accident.

Contact ANPAC at:

American National Property and Casualty Companies
American National Corporate Center
1949 E. Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65899-0001
Telephone: (417) 887-0220

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