Whether you’re buying a new or existing home or want to best protect the property you currently own, it’s important to have sufficient homeowners insurance coverage in place. But these policies can get expensive, depending on your coverage inclusions and level.

West Bend Mut Ins Co provides the cheapest homeowners insurance with an average cost of $884 per year.

To help you save money on homeowners insurance, we’ve researched the industry and can suggest three particular insurers with the most affordable coverage on average in Wisconsin. Read on for our recommendations and tips for shopping around and saving money on homeowners insurance.

Key Takeaways

  • At $74 per month, West Bend Mut Ins Co offers the cheapest homeowners insurance in Wisconsin with $300,000 dwelling coverage, $300,000 liability protection and $1,000 deductible.
  • After West Bend Mut Ins Co, Allstate and Travelers offer cheaper homeowners insurance in Wisconsin.
  • Amongst all the large cities surveyed by Insure.com in Wisconsin, the city with zip code 53081 offers the cheapest homeowners insurance at $122 per month or $1,460 annually.

Cheap homeowners insurance companies in Wisconsin

West Bend Mut Ins Co, Allstate and Travelers have the lowest average home insurance rates with $300,000 dwelling and $300,000 liability coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

Here are the average Wisconsin homeowners insurance rates by company. You may wonder: How much is homeowners insurance a month in Wisconsin? We included those averages, too:

CompanyAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium
West Bend Mut Ins Co$884$74
Acuity A Mut Ins Co$1,545$129
Auto Owners$1,552$129
American Family$1,788$149
State Farm$2,047$171
Fire Insurance$3,050$254
Liberty Mutual$4,943$412

Compare cheap homeowners insurance in Wisconsin by ratings

It’s always wise to shop around and compare prices before you buy your home insurance. There are many factors that go into deciding the best homeowners insurance company. We have compared the insurers in Wisconsin using their J.D. Power score and AM Best rating and put together a list of the cheap homeowners insurance companies.

CompanyJ.D. Power scoreAM Best rating
State Farm835A++
American Family831A
Liberty Mutual806A

How much is home insurance in Wisconsin

The average Wisconsin homeowners insurance is $1,732 for a policy with $300,000 dwelling coverage and $300,000 liability with a $1,000 deductible. Experts recommend at least $300,000 liability coverage to protect your home against lawsuits. The average Wisconsin home insurance costs are $573 less than the national average.

Actual home insurance costs vary depending on multiple metrics, including location, claims history and discounts, such as auto and home bundling.

For instance, home insurance premiums are partially based on the home’s claims history (even from before you bought the property) and your neighbor’s claims history.

Homeowners insurance companies decide upon rates based on risks. If your neighborhood has seen many claims over the past few years, you can expect to pay higher home insurance rates than an area with few to no claims. Your credit score can also play a role in your home insurance costs.

Average annual premiumAverage monthly premium

Cheapest homeowners insurance in Wisconsin by ZIP code

Not every city in Wisconsin have the same home insurance costs. The price of homeowners insurance depends on a lot of different factors and one of them is your zip code. The least expensive zip code for home insurance in Wisconsin is 53081 with an average annual premium of $1,460 per year.

Find below the homeowners insurance annual and monthly rate for your zip code.

ZIP codeAverage annual premiumAverage monthly premium

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