Home insurance policy jacketSorry for your loss.  The first place to look for the homeowners insurance policy is in your father’s home, wherever he keeps files.

Another place to try is any “off-site” area that he may have owned or rented, such as safety deposit box. 

If you can’t find the actual policy, look at your father’s checkbook and credit card statements for a record of payment to a home insurance company.  You might need to search several months back if he paid his premium annually. That can be time-consuming, so another approach would be to contact your father’s mortgage company.

Mortgage lenders require homeowners to carry insurance on the house and the insurer is often listed as an additional insured.  The mortgage lender should be able to share that information with you as you are his heir. Once you have the insurer name you can contact the carrier to switch the policy to you.

Find out how to change names on insurance policies after the death of a policyholder.

My dad passed away and we need to find the homeowners insurance policy. What should we do?

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