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Most standard homeowners policies pay for necessary repairs or replacement when falling objects, including trees and tree limbs, damage your insured property. This coverage generally includes costs to cut up and haul away the tree or limb, as well as debris removal.

However, there are some times when the insurance company won’t cover tree removal and consumers have a lot of questions about how insurance works with a fallen tree.

We’ve gathered those questions and answered them below.

Insurance and fallen trees: Common questions and answers

Here are some commonly asked questions, and the answers, about home insurance coverage of damage from falling trees and limbs.

Will my insurance company to remove the tree that fell on my house?

Yes. Your home insurance policy covers the cost of removing the tree from your premises if it fell on and damaged insured property. However it will not pay to haul away a limb that fell from a tree and damaged nothing

A tree fell on my fence, but my insurer does not want to pay to remove it because it did not fall on my house. Is that right?

No. The policy automatically covers “other structures,” for up to 10% of the amount of insurance on the dwelling. Other structures include such things as fences and outbuildings. Therefore, if the fence was damaged by the tree, the debris-removal provisions of your policy cover the cost of having the tree removed from your property.

A tree fell down and landed in my yard. Will my insurance pay to remove it?

No. The debris removal does not apply because the tree didn’t damage your property.

My neighbor’s tree fell and landed in my yard. Will my insurance pay to remove it?

No. It doesn’t matter who “owns” the tree. Again, debris removal does not apply because the tree didn’t damage your property.

My tree fell into my neighbor’s yard and damaged his garage. Will my insurance pay for the damage and for removal?

Generally, no. Your neighbor needs to file a claim with their own insurance company. However, fi your neighbor can prove that the tree was dead or diseased and you knew but failed to take it down, they could have a liability suit against you, in which case your liability coverage would kick in.

An ice storm destroyed a beautiful old tree that will cost thousands of dollars to replace. Will my homeowners policy reimburse me for replacing it?

No. The standard homeowners policy covers the loss of trees, shrubs and other landscaping as a result of fire, explosion, vandalism, and other such “named perils.” However, it does not provide coverage of trees and other landscaping against weather-related damage.

A tree fell on my car. Will my homeowners policy pay for the damage to my car and to remove the tree?

No. Home insurance policies do not cover vehicles. Since a car is not covered under your home insurance, the debris-removal provision of your policy will not pay to have the tree removed. You should contact your car insurance agent to make a claim for your damaged vehicle.

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