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Insurance on a license protects individuals who find themselves behind the wheel without owning a vehicle. This insurance option offers solutions for various scenarios, ensuring that people who borrow cars, use car-sharing services or face license suspensions remain covered in case of accidents. 

Drivers who need insurance on a license 

If you are a driver for any of the reasons below, you might need insurance on a license

Frequent borrowers and renters

If you often borrow or rent cars, insurance on a license can be valuable. It ensures you’re covered for liability while driving vehicles that aren’t yours.

Car-sharing users

If you use car-sharing services like Zipcar, insurance on a license is important. It safeguards you in case of accidents while using these shared vehicles.

Individuals with suspended licenses

Those with suspended licenses might still need to drive occasionally. Insurance on a license provides necessary coverage during this period.

Avoiding coverage gaps

If you’re between cars or planning to purchase one later, insurance on a license prevents gaps in coverage, maintaining your responsible driver status.

International visitors

Visitors in a new country might need coverage for rented cars. Insurance on a license offers a suitable option without committing to a full policy.

Cost-conscious drivers

For individuals looking to save on insurance costs, this option provides liability coverage without the expense of full car insurance.


Insurance on a license is ideal for those who borrow cars, use car-sharing, have suspended licenses, or seek temporary coverage. It ensures you’re protected without the need for full car ownership insurance. Always assess your situation and consult with insurance experts to find the right fit for your needs.