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About Centrian

Centrian’s predecessor was established in 1907 when Louis D. Brandeis, a prominent Boston attorney, recognized a need for low cost life insurance. His idea was to have savings banks in Massachusetts offer life insurance, and he established the savings bank life insurance system to accomplish this objective. Today, products are sold directly to the consumer and Centrian provides safe, low cost life insurance to their policyholders.

Centrian is a registered trade name of the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (sbli).

Centrian Life Insurance Says

Centrian offers a variety of life insurance types and coverage options such as term, whole, and children’s life.

Centrian’s term life Insurance provides coverage for:

  • Expenses at the time of insured’s death: medical bills, burial costs, and estate taxes.
  • Ongoing family expenses, like mortgage, day care, tuition, debt repayment and retirement accounts.
  • Future family expenses such as children’s college tuition, elder care, moving, or finding a new job.

Centrian’s whole life insurance policy makes sure that:

  • Families are financially protected for  entire life
  • Premiums/payments never change
  • Customers may borrow the guaranteed cash value of the policy
  • Customers never have to renew or convert the policy
  • The policy may earn dividends that can be used to purchase more paid up life insurance, reduce premiums, or accumulate interest.
  • Families will have help in meeting current and future financial obligations after insured dies including:
    • Expenses at the time of  death, such as medical bills, burial costs and estate taxes;
    • Ongoing, future and unforeseen expenses: living expenses, tuition, child care and debt.

Centrian’s children’s life insurance provides benefits above and beyond what a basic life insurance policy would offer.  It is low-cost life insurance designed specifically for the needs of children.

Contact Centrian at:

Centrian Life Insurance
One Linscott Road
Woburn, MA 01801
Telephone: (877) 438-8376

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