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About Citizens Property Insurance 

Citizens Property Insurance was founded in 2002 by Florida’s legislature as a non-profit, state-managed insurance company.  It provides personal and commercial property/casualty insurance to those who are unable to afford coverage from private sectors.  Florida’s unpredictable weather conditions make it increasingly expensive for the community to afford protection.  Citizens Property Insurance was intended to provide some relief in this area.

Citizens Property offers security and protection to Floridians with its homeowners insurance coverage.  In addition to basic home coverage, Citizens Property writes wind damage and hurricane-only wind damage policies, as well multi-peril policies.  The company understands that Florida living conditions are more specialized, and thus offers a line of coverage to best fit these specific conditions.

Contact information

Citizens Property Insurance
P. O. Box 17219
Jacksonville, FL 32245-7219
Telephone: (877) 227-3492


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