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The history of Fireman’s Fund and San Francisco are intertwined. When gold was discovered at Sutter’s Fort in January 1848, gold seekers from all over the world flocked to San Francisco. The once sleepy port became a boom-town overnight. Thousands of fragile structures of wood and canvas hastily sprung up to house the gold seekers. Crime and lawlessness were rampant in the makeshift town, but fire posed the biggest threat. The city was nearly destroyed by fires in 1850 and 1851 prompting city officials to organize a volunteer fire department.

In 1862, six San Francisco businessmen gathered at the home of Henry Dutton, a hay-and-grain merchant, to listen to William Holdredge, a retired sea captain. Holdredge suggested forming an insurance company to protect the city’s homes, businesses and commerce and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. was born. It had a unique founding principle: It would pay 10 percent of its net profits to the San Francisco Fire Department Charitable Fund, for disabled firemen, their widows and orphans.” The insurance company was incorporated in Sacramento in May 1863.

Independent agents sell policies

Today, Fireman’s Fund has a network of independent agents across the country who are able to provide you with homeowners insurance. Fireman’s Fund offers discounts if you buy multiple policies.

Fireman’s Fund also offers homeowners insurance for condominiums and for “green homes.” Green homes are those constructed with renewable, recyclable building materials and low-emission or toxin-free paints and carpets.

You can opt for premier coverages which include a deducible waiver of $10,000 or less when the losses exceed $50,000. However, there are some exceptions such as damage from hurricanes. Other options include surface water and flood damage, breakdown of equipment such as central air conditioning and well pumps, and water heaters and boilers. Optional coverage is also available for landscaping, including your trees, plants and lawns.

Parent company based in Germany

Fireman’s Fund’s parent company is Allianz SE, of Munich, Germany. Allianz, which is among the largest property and casualty insurers and financial services providers in the world, bought Fireman’s Fund in 1991. Fireman’s Fund is headquartered in Novato, Calif.