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Last updated June 15, 2009

About KMG/Humana

Formed in 2004 as a holding company and acquired by Humana HealthCare in 2007, KMG America offers comprehensive group and voluntary employee benefit insurance solutions through its subsidiary, Kanawha Insurance Company, and it's parent company Humana HealthCare.  As of today, KMG now serves over one million members and individuals across the country.

KMG America Life Insurance Says

KMG primarily deals in life insurance through their online individual sales portfolio while specializing in both term life and whole life insurance.  Their term life provides affordable protection for a defined period of time and pays a death benefit in the event of the policyholder's death during that time.  KMG's whole life policies consist of a permanent life insurance policy that protects the policyholder through his/her life while offering a completion of premiums at a predetermined age.  

Contact KMG at:

KMG America Life Insurance
12600 Whitewater Drive
Suite 150, Minnetonka MN 55343 
Telelphone: (952) 930-4800

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