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About Mercury Insurance Company

Since 1962, Mercury Insurance Company has been offering low cost insurance to individuals, families, and businesses.  Independent surveys conducted by regulators and consumer organizations show that Mercury consistently has some of the lowest rates available.  They offer a variety of products such as personal auto, homeowners insurance, personal umbrella, mechanical breakdown, commercial auto, and various commercial coverage packages.

Wiki Says

Mercury Insurance Group NYSE: MCY is an American automobile and property insurance company founded by George Joseph in 1961. The company’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA.

Mercury markets itself as a low cost insurance provider and originally sold insurance through third-party agencies and insurance brokers. This was the main pathway they used to market their local presence in every region they sell insurance, passing along to the customer some of the savings by not having its own sales force, as well as limiting its liability for agent errors. Mercury announced January 9, 2009 that they purchased AIS Management, LLC, which is the parent company of Auto Insurance Specialists, LLC, to Mercury General Corporation.

AIS had been the largest brokerage selling Mercury Insurance. AIS and the remaining Independent brokers are responsible for sales, initial underwriting, vehicle inspections, general customer service, some forms of billing and collections, endorsements, policy cancellations and other duties.

Mercury Home Insurance Says

Whether for a home, condominium, or renting an apartment, Mercury can provide policyholders with coverage specifically tailored to their needs. 
Mercury also offers a number of benefits to eligible customers such as the traditional dual-policy discount and even a homeowners policy replacement cost coverage.

Contact Mercury Insurance at:

Mercury General Corporation
4484 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Telephone: (800) 503-3724

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