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Last updated June 15, 2009

About Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

Since 1907, Reliance Standard Life, originally Central Standard Life, has been serving employers of all sizes.  Now a subsidiary of employee benefits holding company Delphi Financial Group, the company provides group life, disability and accident insurance polices that are incorporated into employee benefits packages.  Reliance Standard Life also offers dental and vision plans as well as annuities targeting those close to retirement.  Although focusing on flexible employee benefit solutions to employers, some individual options are available.

Reliance Standard Life Says

Reliance Standard Life hopes to provide a comprehensive benefits package that will best fit the needs of the employees and still remain affordable for the employers.  To do so, the company offers voluntary group term life insurance. Voluntary group term life insurance, is term insurance that provides coverage for a group of people, usually employees of a company.  As the name suggests, the insurance policy is good for a term, or a contracted number of years.  Coverage is typically available from $10,000 to $50,000 for both employees and spouses along with some dependent coverage.  guaranteed issue amount for employees and accelerated death benefits are included.

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Reliance standard life insurance Company
2001 Market Street, Suite 1500
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Telephone: (800) 351-7500

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