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About Combined Insurance

In 1922, Combined Insurance was founded when W. Clemont Stone borrowed $100 and moved to Chicago, rented a desk space for $25 a month and started an insurance agency under the name Combined Registry Company. The company now offers a comprehensive range of affordable, supplemental insurance coverages including accidental, health and life insurance worldwide.  In 2008, Combined Insurance was purchased by Aon Corporation and is now member of the ACE Group of Companies.

Combined Health Insurance Says

Combined health insurance includes a variety of supplemental coverage options including critical care protector and cancer care protector insurance.  Supplemental health insurance policies are designed to help policyholders pay for some of the expenses associated with an illness.  These policy types can provide financial support for hospital stays, outpatient care, disability care and many other medical expenses.  Critical care protector insurance provides protection for policyholders when a major illness strikes.  This coverage provides flexibility and financial help when the insured is diagnosed with one of the diseases listed in the contract.  Cancer care protector is specifically for those policyholders who are diagnosed with cancer and need additional help paying for cancer treatment and their changing lifestyle.

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